Question and Answer for Staff Nurse Interview

Question and Answer for Staff Nurse Interview

The applicants applied for the ANM is now searching for Question and Answer for Staff Nurse Interview. Therefore, to help those candidates we have uploaded the Staff Nurse Last Year Solved Question Papers. Aspirants can refer these questions for upcoming Exams and do well in the written test. The Model Papers will make you learn about the Exam Pattern. Hence, download the latest Staff Nurse Previous Year Question Papers in pdf format from the link provided and prepare well.

Model Question and Answer for Staff Nurse Exam

1. Which of the following malignancy spread through CSF?
(A) meningioma
(B) astrocytoma
(C) craniopharyngioma
(D) medulloblastoma

2. Resistance to drug in tuberculosis is by:
(A) Transduction
(B) Conjugation
(C) Mutation
(D) Transformation

3. Which type of the following Hodgkin's disease has worst prognosis:
(A) Lymphocyte predominance
(B) Mixed cellularity
(C) Nodular sclerosis
(D) Lymphocyte depletion

4. Which of the following does not cross blood brain barrier?
(A) Water
(B) CO2
(C) Na
(D) O2

5. Which of the following tends to decrease with increase in age?
(A) Pulse pressure
(B) Systolic blood pressure
(C) Diastolic pressure
(D) Respiratory volume

6. The first urge to void will be felt when the bladder is filled with:
(A) 75 ml of urine
(B) 25 ml of urine
(C) 500 ml of urine
(D) 150 ml of urine

7. Which of the following micro organisms grow very wide range of temperature?
(A) Pseudomonas
(B) Gonucoccus
(C) Spirochaetes
(D) Pneunioroccus

8. Which of the following drug is cardiotoxic?
(A) Bleomycin
(B) Mithramycin
(C) Adriamycin
(D) Mitumycin

9. Deficiency of which of the following can cause pancrcatitis?
(A) Entcropeptidase
(B) Antiirypsin
(C) Lecithin
(D) Chymotrypsin

10. Physiological splitting of second heart sound can be exaggerated by:
(A) Valsalva maneuver
(B) Breath holding
(C) Deep inspiration
(D) Forced expiration

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