Question and Answer for Staff Nurse Exam

Question and Answer for Staff Nurse Exam

Question and Answer for Staff Nurse Exam are available here to download. This is the good news for the candidates who are preparing for GNM posts. Aspirants can download Staff Nurse Model Papers pdf through online mode. Applicants who are preparing for ANM written exam can download Sample questions from our website for free. Aspirants who are seeking for GNM Sample Question Papers, for those candidates our site is the useful platform to get ANM Exam Model Test Papers. With this Staff Nurse Previous Papers, candidates can easily prepare for the exam. You can check these Practice Paper and get an idea about model questions given in the written test.

Question and Answer for Staff Nurse Interview

1. Bucks extension belongs to a method of traction:
(A) Skeletal
(B) Skin
(C) Russel
(D) Skull traction

2. Common carotid artery divides at the level of:
(A) Interior border of thyroid cartilage
(B) Superior border of hyoid bone
(C) Superior border of thyroid cartilage
(D) Lateral border of cricoid cartilage

3. The most common organism causing cellulitis is:
(A) E. coli
(B) Pseudomunas
(C) Beta hemolytic streptococci
(D) Bacteroides

4. Ossiļ¬calion in fetus start in:
(A) 3 wks
(B) 5 wks
(C) 6 wks
(D) 8 wks

5. The immunoglobin resporsible for primary immunity:
(A) IgM
(B) IgG
(C) IgA
(D) IgE

6. Negri bodies found in hippocampus are diagnostic sign of:
(A) Rabies
(B) Measles
(C) Rubella
(D) Diphtheria

7. Right sided hemiplegia and aphasia indicate the involvement of:
(B) Vertebral artery
(C) Brain stem

8. Which type of the following organism cause malignant malaria?
(A) Vivax
(B) falciparum
(C) ovale
(D) none of the above

9. Disposable endotracheal tube can be sterilised by using:
(A) ethylene oxide
(B) dry heat
(C) formaldehyde
(D) phenol

10. Takayasu is a disorder of:
(A) Nerves
(B) Vein
(C) Artery
(D) lymph node

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