Objective Type Questions Answers Staff Nurse Test

Objective Type Questions Answers Staff Nurse Test

Objective Type Questions Answers Staff Nurse Test - The applicants applied for the ANM is now searching for Previous Question Papers. Therefore, to help those candidates we have uploaded the Staff Nurse Last Year Solved Question Papers. Aspirants can refer these questions for upcoming Exams and do well in the written test. The Model Papers will make you learn about the Exam Pattern. Hence, download the latest Staff Nurse Previous Year Question Papers in pdf format from the link provided and prepare well.

Question and Answer for Staff Nurse Exam

1. Blood group was discovered by:
(A) Robert Koch
(B) Karl Land Steiner
(C) Paul Ehrich
(D) Anton Von

2. Which of the following hormone is not secreted by posterior pituitary gland?
(A) Vasopressin
(B) Oxytocin
(D) Growth hormone

3. Which of the following position has to be given to a child after the surgery for cleft palate?
(A) Supine
(B) Prone
(C) Side lying
(D) Fowlers

4. The best design to test association between risk factor and disease:
(A) Case control
(B) Ecological study
(C) Cohort
(D) Cross sectional

5. The type of pulse seen in correlation of aorta:
(A) Strong pedal pulse
(B) Diminished carotid pulse
(C) Normal femoral pulse
(D) Bounding pulse in arm

6. BCG is prepared in the form of:
(A) Killed vaccine
(B) Triple vaccine
(C) Live attenuated vaccine
(D) Combined vaccine

7. Highest percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acid is present in:
(A) Groundnut
(B) soyabean
(C) margarine
(D) palm oil

8. Which of the following drug is used commonly in Raynauds phenomenon?
(A) Tacrolimus
(B) Atropine
(C) Beta blocker
(D) Calcium channel blocker

9. Which is the antidote for streptokinase?
(A) Protamine sulphate
(B) Amino caproic acid
(C) Naloxone
(D) Vit K

10. It can be considered as PPH, if the postnatal mother’s blood loss even after 24 hrs is:
(A) > 500 ml
(B) > 200 ml
(C) > 50 ml
(D) > 100 ml

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