Objective Staff Nurse Recruitment Question with Answer

Objective Staff Nurse Recruitment Question with Answer

The Objective Staff Nurse Recruitment Question with Answer are published here to help the ANM Exam applicants. A large number of aspirants are searching on the Internet for the Staff Nurse Model Papers. It is the right place for those GNM Previous Papers. Since, we are providing the valuable information about the ANM Last Ten Years Exam Question Papers & Answers. Recently, the released an advertisement for ANM Jobs positions. The model papers seekers can stop your process of searching for the Staff Nurse. Because we have given all the Sample Papers for the Staff Nurse. Just in simple steps, you will download the GNM Exam Papers freely.

Objective Type Questions Answers Staff Nurse Test

1. Projectile vomiting which is non bilious is seen in:
(A) hiatal hernia
(B) pyloric stenosis
(C) gastroenteritis
(D) meningitis

2. hlorine demand of water is measured by:
(A) Chlorimeter
(B) Double pot method
(C) Berkfield filter
(D) Horrock’s apparatus

3. The National family planning programme launched in the year:
(A) 1953
(B) 1950
(C) 1948
(D) 1940

4. The manifestation of pernicious anaemia:
(A) strawberry tongue
(B) coated tongue
(C) fissured tongue
(D) beefy red tongue

5. Phototherapy reduces scrum bilirubin through:
(A) photo oxidation
(B) photo isomerisation
(C) photo conjugation
(D) structural changes

6. Health survey and development committee is by:
(A) Mudhaliar
(B) Shrivastav
(C) Mukerji
(D) Bhore

7. Which of the following is not a metaparadigm of Nursing:
(A) Person
(B) Environment
(C) Diagnosis
(D) Nursing

8. The gradual decrease of the body temperature after death;
(A) Liver mortis
(B) Alger mortis
(C) Rigor mortis
(D) Hypothermia

9. Bell's palsy affect the:
(A) 2nd cranial nerve
(B) 3rd cranial nerve
(C) 4th cranial nerve
(D) 7th cranial nerve

10. The concentration of oxygen in expired air is:
(A) 0%
(B) 21%
(C) 16%
(D) 4%

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