AIIMS Guntur Previous Year Staff Nurse Question Papers

AIIMS Guntur Previous Year Staff Nurse Question

AIIMS Guntur Previous Year Staff Nurse Question Papers - Are you eagerly waiting for the AIIMS Guntur ANM Previous Papers? Don’t you have enough money to buy books for preparing the AIIMS Guntur GNM written exam? Don’t feel bad! Here, we have attached the last 5 year AIIMS Guntur Staff Nurse Question Paper Pdf. So, you can get it at free of cost. Refer the AIIMS Guntur GNM Model Papers before starting the preparation. Lastly, you can crack the written exam without any trouble. Did you know? Reading the AIIMS Guntur GNM Old Papers not only helps you to be aware of the previous year questions. But also, you can sharpen your competitive examination Skills.

Question Answer For AIIMS Guntur Staff Nurse

1. Xenopsylla is the vector which transmits the disease:
(A) Plague
(B) Dengue fever
(C) Japanese encephalitis
(D) Kala azar

2. The relationship between long axis of foetus and long axis of uterus is termed:
(A) Attitude
(B) Denominator
(C) Lie
(D) Position

3. The operation designed to correct cystocele is:
(A) Anterior colporrhaphy
(B) Perineoplasty
(C) Fothergill’s operation
(D) Cervicopexy

4. The precipitating factor for myasthenic crisis is:
(A) Increased intake of fatty acids
(B) Weight lifting
(C) Excess medication
(D) Omitted doses of medication

5. The part of ear which has no auditory function is:
(A) Tympanum
(B) Vestibule
(C) Semicircular canals
(D) Organ of Corti

6. Which of the following term refers to a fungal infection of the foot?
(A) Impetigo
(B) Tinea pedis
(C) Acne
(D) Scabies

7. The formation of placenta is complete and it starts functioning after how many weeks of fertilisation?
(A) 10 weeks
(B) 5 weeks
(C) 2 weeks
(D) 15 weeks

8. Deficiency of sodium in blood is known as:
(A) Hyponatremia
(B) Hyperkalemia
(C) Hypernatremia
(D) Hypokalemia

9. Collection of thick pus in pleural cavity is termed:
(A) Pneumonia
(B) Pneumothorax
(C) Emphysema
(D) Empyema

10. Which of the following statements about breast feeding is true?
(A) Breast feeding is initiated 8 hours alter caesarian section
(B) Castro intestinal infections are more in breast fed infants
(C) Premature babies should not be given breast milk
(D) Breast milk contains antibodies

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