AIIMS Nagpur Previous Year Staff Nurse Question Papers

AIIMS Nagpur Previous Year Staff Nurse Question

AIIMS Nagpur Previous Year Staff Nurse Question Papers - Candidates can visit our website for further details regarding AIIMS Nagpur Recruitment, AIIMS Nagpur Exam Important Dates, Syllabus and Exam Pattern, AIIMS Nagpur ANM Previous Years Papers, All India Institutes of Medical Sciences Staff Nurse Admit Cards, etc. Download the AIIMS Nagpur Previous Year Papers from below links. You can latest updates about the recruitment of GNM posts in Different fields through below link. Click on the link to get the Online application, News about the hiring process, vacancy details, etc.

Model Question Papers for Staff Nurse Recruitment in AIIMS

1. Quickening means:
(A) Painless uterine contractions
(B) Sudden cessation of menstruation
(C) First foetal movement felt by mother
(D) Hearing of foetal heart sound

2. Talipes equinovarus is a deformity affecting which of the following body part?
(A) Foot
(B) Hand
(C) Spine
(D) None of the above

3. Ondansetron is a Powerful:
(A) Antiemetic
(B) Antibiotic
(C) Antipruritic
(D) Antacid

4. An irrational fear of strangers is termed:
(A) Acrophobia
(B) Algophobia
(C) Xenophobia
(D) Ciausttrophobia

5. What hormone does pancreatic alpha cells secrete?
(A) Insulin
(B) Glucagon
(C) Somatostatin
(D) Somatotropin

6. In Maslow's pyramid of hierarchy of needs, the base of the pyramid is formed by:
(A) Self actualisation needs
(B) Love needs
(C) Safety needs
(D) Physiological needs

7. World AIDS Day theme 2015:
(A) Women and AIDS
(B) Getting to zero
(C) Stop AIDS : Keep promises
(D) One world and One hope

8. Saucer shaped depression just below the umbilicus in antenatal woman signifies which of the following ?
(A) Foetal macrosomia
(B) Persistent breech presentation
(C) Malposition of occiput
(D) Multiple pregnancy

9. "The drug is withheld if patient’s pulse rate is less than 60/minute". This statement applies to which of the following drugs ?
(A) Hydralazine
(B) Digoxin
(C) Nifidipine
(D) Nitroglycerine

10. Which of the following personality type suits the description "Jealous, suspects others will harm him"?
(A) Shizoid
(B) Histrionic
(C) Dependent
(D) Paranoid

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