AIIMS Raebareli Previous Year Staff Nurse Question Papers

AIIMS Raebareli Previous Year Staff Nurse Question

AIIMS Raebareli Previous Year Staff Nurse Question Papers - The AIIMS Raebareli Staff Nurse, GNM & ANM Exam paper is going to have questions related to aptitude and professional knowledge. Find the section wise question and marks details in the tabular section below. Later, download the AIIMS Raebareli Staff Nurse Exam sample paper and start your preparation.

AIIMS Raebareli Previous Year Staff Nurse Model Question

1. The following defect is not found in Tetralogy of Fallot:
(A) Overriding of Aorta
(B) Atrial septa! Defect
(C) Pulmonary stenosis
(D) Right ventricular hypertrophy

2. The disease of eye in which intra occular pressure increases is:
(A) Cataract
(B) Stye
(C) Glaucoma
(D) Conjunctivitis

3. The normal value of s. Potassium fall between:
(A) 8-10 M Eq/ L
(B) 6.5-7.5 M Eq/ L
(C) 5.5-6.5 M Eq/ L
(D) 3.5-5.5 M Eq/ L

4. A positive D-dimer test predicts which of the following conditions in a pregnant woman?
(A) Coagulopathy
(B) Gestational diabetes
(D) Acute renal failure

5. The use of the following agent together with Amoxycillin potentiates it's antibacterial action :
(A) Nicotinic acid
(B) Ascorbic acid
(C) Clavulanic acid
(D) Pantothenic acid

6. The symptoms of a common disease in children are massive oedema, hypoalbuminemia and hyperlipidemia. The disease mentioned here is:
(A) Glomerular nephritis
(B) Urinary calculi
(C) Nephrotic syndrome
(D) Nephroblastoma

7. The complication associated with the surgery tracheostomy is:
(A) Increased cardiac output
(B) Damage to laryngeal nerve
(C) Acute respiratory distress syndrome
(D) Increased blood pressure

8. A "Bandl's ring" -is a finding of:
(A) Rupture of uterus
(B) Induced labour
(C) Prolonged labour
(D) Mechanically obstructed labour

9. Life span of sperm in female genital tract is:
(A) 3-4 days
(B) 6-8 days
(C) 4-5 days
(D) 1-2 days

10. A child of 10 years has bleeding from gums due to a nutritional deficiency. Which of the following foods is recommended for him?
(A) Eggs
(B) Whole grains
(C) Fresh fruits
(D) Ocean fish

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