Previous Question Papers Medical Surgical Nursing

Previous Question Papers Medical Surgical Nursing
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Medical Surgical Nursing Model Question

1. Among the following, which one is considered as “Intentional Tort”?
(a) Malpractice
(b) Negligence
(c) Battery
(d) Failure to obtain consent

2. A professional nurse who failed to meet the standards of care that resulted in harm to the patient. The nurse will be charged of ______
(a) Battery
(b) Malpractice
(c) Negligence
(d) Felony

3. “Informed Consent” is obtained from the client who undergoes a Cardiac Surgery. This aspect of nursing care deals with__
(a) Legal Issue
(b) Ethical Issue
(c) Medico-ethical
(d) Medico-legal

4. Among the following, which one of the course recently introduced by INC?
(a) Nurse Practitioner Midwifery
(b) Nurse Practitioner Forensic Nurse
(c) Nurse Specialist Intensive Care
(d) Nurse Practitioner Critical Care

5. The activities involved in withdrawing life saving measures to the client in vegetative state is an characteristic example of ____
(a) Passive Euthanasia
(b) Active Euthanasia
(c) Ethical Dilemma
(d) Violation of Human Rights

6. “Tactile Freumitus” is the examination method performed in _____
(a) Hand
(b) Foot
(c) Chest
(d) Abdomen

7. The chest abnormality “Funnel chest” that look like “Sunken “is called as
(a) Pectus excavatum
(b) Pectus carinatum
(c) Pigeon Chest
(d) Pectus Kyposis

8. Pulsus paradoxus is a characteristic sign of _____
(a) Cardiac failure
(b) Cardiogenic shock
(c) Cardiac Tamponade
(d) Cor pulmonale

9. Digital Rectal Examination is performed in men primary to assess ____
(a) Rectum
(b) Anus
(c) Hemorrhoid
(d) Prostrate

10. The primary test is performed to confirm the presence of CSF in Ear discharge is ______
(a) Culture and Sensitivity
(b) Protein test
(c) Glucose test
(d) Elissa

11. Kussumel’s respiration is the characteristic manifestation of _____
(a) Respiratory Acidosis
(b) Metabolic Alkalosis
(c) Hepatic encephalopathy
(d) Diabetic Ketoacidosis

12. The Hb1 Ac ( Glycoslaed Hb) test estimates ____
(a) 90 days average Sugar level
(b) 90 day average Hb level
(c) 60 days average RBC level
(d) 60 days average Vit c Level

13. Before performing the Thoracentesis, ___________ assessment is important.
(a) Ausculating lung sounds for crepitus
(b) Palpating Intercostal spaces for abnormality
(c) Percussion of Intercostal spaces
(d) Inspecting Respiratory pattern

14. The presence of hemoperitonium and discoloration of abdomen indicates _____
(a) Acute Appendicitis
(b) Acute Pancreatitis
(c) Peritonitis
(d) Acute abdomen

15. A flat, non palpable, colored lesion which is less than 2 cm diameter is known as __
(a) Plaque
(b) Papule
(c) Comedo
(d) Macule

16. The client is suffering from Anterio septal MI, the abnormal ECG changes are expected in _____leads
(a) V1-V4
(b) I,II,V5-V6
(c) aVF, III
(d) aVR,V4-V6

17. In ECG, PR segment represents __________
(a) Atrial Repolarization
(b) Atrial Depolarization
(c) Time taken for impulse to travel from Atria to Purkinje Fibres
(d) Time taken for impulse to travel from SA node to AV node

18. Holtar Monitoring is related to _____
(a) Hemodyanamic Monitoring
(b) CVP Monitoring
(c) ICP Monitoring
(d) ECG Monitoring

19. The color of the Lead that applied in Left Chest while recording Continuous ECG that represents Left Arm is ______
(a) Yellow
(b) Black
(c) Red
(d) Green

20. ___________test is contra indicated for client who had undergone ORIF for compound fracture
(a) Contrast CT
(b) Contrast MRI
(c) Contrast coronary Angiography
(d) CT guided Bone Biopsy