Model Question Papers Medical Surgical Nursing

Model Question Papers Medical Surgical Nursing
Medical Surgical Nursing Question Paper is given on our page. We advise checking all the Sample Papers and Study material given on our page. This helps the applicants in getting an idea of how the question paper is going to be. Also, helps in time management during the examination. Check the Syllabus and Exam Pattern details for in the section following. We advise referring the exam pattern before downloading the Medical Surgical Nursing Question Paper with Answers Pdf. Candidates who are looking for the Medical Surgical Nursing Question Paper can get in this section. 

Aspirants just need to click on the links given in the tabular columns below and download free pdf. Also, find the sample study material given below. Medical Surgical Nursing Previous Papers helps the applicants during the preparation. We have given the direct link for Medical Surgical Nursing study material in the section below. Hence, check the details given and download the material given and start your preparation today.

Medical Surgical Nursing Sample Question

1. Among the following, which patient should be given top priority to provide Nursing care?
(a) 70 year stroke patient who is risk of injury
(b) 35 year old women who undergone mastectomy who complaints of Body image
(c) 50 year old man suffering from Urinary retention
(d) 10 year old boy suffering form diarrhea

2. The care of terminally ill client at an “Institution” by specialized professionals to meet the needs of End of Life care is Known as ________
(a) Hospice care
(b) Ambulatory care
(c) Palliative care
(d) Institutional care

3. Among the following, what are the cranial nerves that tested together?
(a) I, II and III
(b) III, IV and VI
(c) VIII, IX and XII
(d) V, VI and VIII

4. The Mini Mental Status Examination (MMSE) is performed primarily to assess_____
(a) Cognitive impairment
(b) Thought impairment
(c) Perceptual Impairment
(d) Emotional Impairment

5. Among the following, which one is the type of Contact Tonometer uses application of weight to flatten cornea?
(a) Goldman
(b) Schiotz
(c) Perkins
(d) Burkins

6. Among the following, which type of hernia increases the risk of GERD or Relex Oesophagitis?
(a) Hiatus Hernia
(b) Umbilical Hernia
(c) Diaphragmatic Hernia
(d) Incisional Hernia

7. Dumping syndrome is a complication of _________
(a) Diaphragmatic Hernia
(b) Appendectomy
(c) Pancreatectomy
(d) Gastrectomy

8. Pernious anaemia is a clinical features of __________
(a) Stomach Cancer
(b) Acute Gastritis
(c) Cholecystitis
(d) Pancreatitic Cancer

9. What is the important Nursing measure to be performed for a client who receives feeding through intestinal tube (Cantor tube)?
(a) Advance the tube by facilitating gravity and peristalsis at specified interval
(b) Avoid frequent oral care
(c) Irrigate the tube with 0.9% NS before each feed
(d) Provide Ice chips or water to advance the tube

10. The best measure to reduce scrotal swelling and pain followed by herniorraphy surgery is
(a) Elevate the scrotum and place ice intermittently
(b) Apply snug binder in abdomen
(c) Avoid weight lifting and strenuous exercise
(d) Place a pillow between legs

11. What is the priority assessment before giving feeding through Gastrostomy tube for a client who undergone partial esophageal resection?
(a) Check the position of the tube by aspiration
(b) Check the patency of the tube
(c) Checking the Bowel sounds
(d) Checking the type of feed

12. Fistula is a complication commonly associated with______
(a) Hemorrhoids
(b) Appendicitis
(c) Chronic Diarrhea
(d) Crohn’s Disease

13. The visible peristaltic movements is a characteristic sign of_____
(a) Intussusception
(b) Umbilical Hernia
(c) Ulcerative colitis
(d) Irritable Bowel Syndrome

14. The ACID BASE imbalance that expected in a client who has continuous Ryle’s tube Lavage is
(a) Keto acidosis
(b) Metabolic Acidosis
(c) Metabolic Alkalosis
(d) Keto alkalosis

15. Among the following, which one factor predisposes the client to intestinal perforation?
(a) Highly irritable diet
(b) Typhoid fever
(c) Intestinal parasites
(d) Strangulated hernia

16. Among the following ostomies, which one type has highest risk of bile leakage surrounding the stoma that predisposes Skin excoriation?
(a) Ileostomy
(b) Ascending colostomy
(c) Tranverse colostomy
(d) Desending colostomy

17. Acute complication of Appendectomy is ___________
(a) Small Bowel obstruction
(b) Diveriticulosis
(c) Intestinal spasms
(d) Paralytic ileus

18. Among the following , which one is the priority intervention for a client with Peritonitis?
(a) Gastric aspiration
(b) Fluid balance
(c) Pain management
(d) Gastric gavage

19. The commonest cause of ankle edema in liver failure patient is_____
(a) Hypoalbuminemea
(b) Hyperlipidemea
(c) Massive Proteinuria
(d) Elevated ammonia

20. Oesophageal varices is a complication associated with______
(a) Hepatitis
(b) Systemic Hypertention
(c) Oesophgeal Hernia
(d) Portal Hypertension

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