Marketing Aptitude Test

1. Behavioural basis of market segmentation includes
(1) loyalty or brand loyalty

(2) attitude

(3) buying occasion

(4) All of the above

(5) None of the above
2. Find the incorrect statement
(1) Marketing has no relevance in Public Sector Banks

(2) Marketing has no relevance in Private Sector Banks

(3) Marketing has no relevance in Foreign Banks

(4) All of these

(5) None of these
3. Marketing is not required in one of the following products. That is …..
(1) Sales of Credit / Debit cards

(2) Sale of Net Banking

(3) Sale of Corporate Loans

(4) Sale of Retail Loans

(5) None of these
4. What is department established in an enterprise?
(1) Sales department

(2) Advertisement department

(3) After sale department

(4) Sale promotion department

(5) All of these
5. HNI means
(1) Highly Negative Individuals

(2) High Net worth Individuals

(3) High Neutral Individual

(4) High Necessary Individuals

(5) All of these

6. Digital Banking means
(1) Banking with calculators

(2) Banking with digital instruments

(3) Internet banking and Tele Banking

(4) Export finance

(5) None of these
7. Which of the following is the limitation of advertising?
(1) Adds to cost

(2) Neglecting social values

(3) Crating monopoly

(4) Encouraging sale of inferior products

(5) All the above
8. Most of the companies are inadequately organized that is why they can not …………….
(1) Satisfy the customer

(2) Steal the customer

(3) Sale the product

(4) Purchase Raw Material

(5) Cannot compare their products with other good companies
9. Home Loans are granted to
(1) Individuals

(2) Institutions

(3) Builders

(4) All of these

(5) None of these
10. What is the basic need for which Land Development Banks is having financial assistance?
(1) Pump sets

(2) Tractors

(3) Machinery

(4) Land improvement

(5) All of the above
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