Marketing Aptitude Questions Answer - Marketing Aptitude for SBI

1. Mc Donald satisfy the hungry consumers in every hemisphere. This is an example of ………… (1) Globalization (2) Customization (3) Exporting (4) Media allocation (5) None of these marketing aptitude for sbi 2. Labeling is important for informational, legal and …………………. Reasons. (1) branding (2) strategic (3) marketing (4) promotional (5) All the above 3. The goods which are used for further production are called (1) Durable goods (2) Market goods (3) Derived goods (4) Consumer goods (5) Capital goods 4. Which among the following a fixed expense in Sales Budget? (1) Incentives (2) Rent (3) Communication Expense (4) Commission (5) Awards
Practice Exercise - 356 [ Marketing Knowledge ]
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