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1. Which of the following tool is known as parser generator? (1) Lex (2) Yaac (3) Tex (4) Emacs (5) None of these bank it officer exam 2. A binary tree having r nodes and depth d is said to be complete binary tree if ………… (1) any node and at level less than d-1 has two sons (2) it contains 2d+1 – 1 nodes (3) for any node and in the tree with a right descendent at level d, and must have a left child (4) All the above (5) None of these 3. The physical location of a record is determined by a mathematical formula transforms of a file key into record location in ………… (1) a B-tree file (2) an indexed file (3) a hashed file (4) a sequential file (5) None of these 4. When ray passes through fused silica to air, the ray is refracted then light trapped by ……….. (1) refraction (2) reflection (3) total internal reflection (4) All the above (5) None of these
Practice Exercise - 357 [ IT Specialist Questions ]
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