Bank Marketing Questions

1. In market segmentation, which among the following is not an Economic Component? (1) Age (2) Sex (3) Both (1) and (2) (4) Income level (5) Taxes bank marketing questions 2. What is one of the theories in regard to Buying behavior? (1) Inherent and Learned Buying Motives (2) Emotional Buying Motives (3) Rational Buying Motives (4) Confessional Buying motives (5) All 1, 2 and 3 3. A defence strategy of identifying weakness in the competitors and aggressively going after that market niche is called (1) Pre-emptive (2) Counter offensive (3) Mobile defence (4) Position defence (5) Flaking defence 4. When a firm sells off part of its business to another organization, it is called (1) Diversification (2) Divestment (3) Pruning (4) Strategy (5) Joint venture 5. A brand name facilitates …………. (1) Advertising (2) Functions as a demand stimulate (3) Social (4) General (5) Both 1 and 2
Practice Exercise - 346 [ Marketing Knowledge ]
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