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1. In 8085 microprocessor system, the direct addressing instruction is : (1) MOV A, B (2) MOV B, OAH (3) MOV C,M (4) STR addr it officer exam papers for bank 2. A ROM is used to store the table for multiplication of two 8-bit unsigned integers. The size of ROM required is : (1) 256 x 16 (2) 16K x 8 (3) 4K x 16 (4) 64K x 16 3. Which of the following remarks about Trie Indexing is false? (1) It is efficient in dealing with strings of variable length. (2) It is efficient if there are few number of data items. (3) The number of disk accesses can’t exceed the length of the particular string that is searched. (4) It can handle insertions and deletions, dynamically and efficiently. 4. The loss in signal power as light travels down the fibre is called: (1) attenuation (2) prorogation (3) scattering (4) interruption (5) None of these
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