IBPS Banking Awareness

1. Base Rate is the rate below which no Bank can allow their lending to anyone. Who sets up this ‘Base Rate’ for Banks? (1) Individuals Bank’s Board (2) Ministry of Commerce (3) Ministry of Finance (4) RBI (5) Interest Rate Commission of India ibps banking awareness 2. What is a Debit Card? (1) It is a card issued by Rating Agency (2) It is a card which can be used for withdrawing cash or making payment even in the absent of any balance in the account (3) It is card which can be used for withdrawing cash or making payment if there is balance in the amount (4) It is a card which carries prepaid balance (5) It is a card which can be used for making STD calls 3. Bad advances of a bank are called ……………….. (1) Bad debt (2) Book debt (3) Non performing assets (4) Out of order accounts (5) Overdrawn accounts 4. Axis bank is a ………….. (1) Public Sector Bank (2) Private Sector Bank (3) Co-operative Bank (4) Foreign Bank (5) Gramin Bank 5. By increasing repo rate, the economy may observe the following effects ………………. (1) Rate of interest on loans and advances will be costlier (2) Industrial output would be affected to an extent (3) Banks will increase rate of interest on deposits (4) Industry houses may borrow money from foreign countries (5) All of the above
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