Computer Knowledge Test for IBPS

1. Your business has contracted with another company to have them host and run an application for your company over the internet. The company providing this service to your business is called an …………… (1) Internet service provider (2) Internet access provider (3) Application service provider (4) Application access provider (5) Outsource agency computer knowledge test for ibps 2. A(n) ………………….. allows you to access you e-mail from anywhere. (1) Forum (2) Webmail interface (3) Message Board (4) Weblog (5) None of these 3. Which of the following would you find on LinkedIn? (1) Games (2) Connections (3) Chat (4) Application (5) None of these 4. ……………………… is a technique that is used to send more than one call over a single line. (1) Digital transmission (2) Infrared transmission (3) Digitizing (4) Streaming (5) Multiplexing
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