IBPS PO English Question Paper

1. Although scared of heights, she gather all her courage and stood a top the 24-storied building to participate in the activities. (1) gathered all her courage (2) gathered all courageous (3) gather all courageous (4) is gathered all courage (5) No correction required ibps po english question paper 2. Naturally, with everything gone so well for them, it was time for celebration. (1) go so well (2) going so well (3) gone as well (4) going as well (5) No correction required 3. The ban was imposed by state’s commercial taxes department last Friday after protests by a certain community, which had threat to burn cinema screening the controversial movies. (1) had threat to burning (2) had throated to burn (3) had threatened to burn (4) had threatened to burning (5) No correction required
Practice Exercise - 306 [ English ]
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