Bank Marketing

1. Which of the following is/are the media of advertising? (1) Press advertising (2) Radio (3) TV (4) Films (5) All of these bank marketing 2. Which among the following is not included in fringe benefits available to an employee? (1) Old age survivors benefits (2) Pensions (3) Gratitude (4) Bothe (1) and (2) (5) None of these 3. Andrex toilet tissue is a _____________ for Kimberly-Scott Corporation. (1) trade mark (2) trade name (3) brand name (4) brand mark (5) None of these 4. Which among the following is an example of tele conferencing? (1) Computer conferencing (2) Audio conferencing (3) Video conferencing (4) All the above (5) None of these 5. Under which pricing policies a firm may cut prices temporarily on a few items in order to attract more customers? (1) Leader pricing (2) Keep out pricing (3) Price linking (4) Skimming the cream pricing (5) Penetration pricing 6. Information system ca
Practice Exercise - 299 [ Marketing Aptitude ]
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