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Q2. Which is not true about syntax and semantic parts of a computer language (a) Syntax is generally checked by the ibps specialist officer it programmer (b) Semantic is the responsibility of the programmer (c) Semantic is checked mechanically by a computer (d) Both (b) and (c) above Q3. Which of the following need not necessarily be saved on a context switch between processes? (a) General purpose register (b) Translation look aside buffer (c) Program counter (d) All the above Q4. XENIX can be used only with (a) IBM-PCs (b) IBM-PC/XTS (c) Super computer (d) IBM PC/A/TS Q5. The application package is used to (a) Meet specific needs of a user b) Run the computer system better (c) Run the compiler smoothly (d) Enable OS to control hardware better Q6. The part of the computer system which performs the house keeping function is called (a) Interpreter (b) Compiler (c) Operating system (d) Assembler
Practice Exercise - 220 [ IT Software Questions ]
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