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AIAPGET Latest Question
The All India Ayush Post Graduate Entrance Test Homeopathy PG Entrance Syllabus and Exam Pattern is available here for the reference of AIAPGET Exam applicants. The AIAPGET Homeopathy Syllabus and Exam Pattern will help the aspirants to identify the Subjects, type of questions, Marks allotted for each section, and Cut Off Marks. The table describes the AIAPGET Homeopathy Exam Paper Latest Pattern and tap on the direct link for the detailed AIAPGET Exam Pattern. 
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AIAPGET Preparation Practice Set

1. Which among the following BIRADS category is highly suggestive of malignancy?
4) BIRADS- 0

2. 40 year old lady presented with swelling in the right side of the upper part of the neck below the ear lobule for last 10 years. Swelling is painless and gradually growing. On examination of the swelling, the surface is smooth, margins are well defined, and is free from skin and underlying structures. Histologically, architectural pleomorphism is seen. What is the most probable diagnosis?
1) Lipoma
2) Rhabdomyosarcoma
3) Chronic sialadenitis
4) Mixed parotid tumour

3. Radiological ‘Colon cut off sign’ is seen in
1) Acute intussusceptions
2) Acute lobar pneumonia
3) Acute pancreatitis
4) Crohn’s disease

4. Which is the most common site of pressure sore?
1) Sacrum
2) Heel
3) Ischium
4) Greater Trochanter

5. Which of the following has drum stick appearance?
1) Clostridium tetani
2) Pneumococcus
3) Streptococcus pneumoniae
4) Staphylococcus epidermis

6. Barium swallow study of a patient suffering from dysphagia revealed Bird's beak appearance of esophagus. The most probable diagnosis is
1) Reflux esophagitis
2) Barrett's esophagus
3) Hiatus hernia
4) Achalasia cardia

7. Asthma worse in foggy weather and relieved by profuse perspiration, is seen in
1) Hypericum
2) Lachesis
3) Sambucus
4) Carbo veg.

8. According to J.T. Kent, one of the best remedies for retention of urine in the new born is
1) Chamomilla
2) Podophyllum
3) Aconitum napellus
4) Dulcamara

9. Diarrhoea like dirty water, from fruit or sour krout is seen in
1) Cinchona
2) Croton tig
3) Petroleum
4) Bryonia alba

10. Which of the following medicine is not included in Nash’s trio of weakness?
1) Carbo veg
2) Arsenicum album
3) Muriatic acid
4) Cinchona

11. Coffea cruda belongs to the family of
1) Liliaceae
2) Papaveraceae
3) Rubiaceae
4) Umbelliferae

12. Which remedy has vomiting, bilious with anxiety and weak pulse, every month after mensturation, cannot lie on right side or back without instantly producing dark green vomiting?
1) Argentum nitricum
2) Antimonium tart
3) Crotalus horridus
4) Carbolic acid

13. This remedy can be given in pertussis, after Drosera has relieved the severe symptoms
1) Cina
2) Cuprum met
3) Corallium rubrum
4) Euphrasia

14. Red infarct are seen in
1) Lungs
2) Kidneys
3) Spleen
4) Bones

15. Urine examination (Benedict’s test) of a 40 yr old obese male showed a brick red precipitate. This can result from all except
1) Diabetes Mellitus
2) Drugs
3) Acute post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis
4) Cushing’s syndrome

16. Hemophilia A is characterised by deficiency of
1) Factor VII
2) Factor VIII
3) Factor IX
4) Factor XI

17. Serum ferritin is a maker of
1) Circulating Iron
2) Storage iron
3) Folate
4) Vitamin B12 Levels

18. Sjogren’s syndrome is a chronic disease characterized by which of the following clinical feature:
1) Esophageal dysmotility
2) Keratoconjunctivitis sicca
3) Widespread damage to small blood vessels
4) Libmann Sachs Endocardititis

19. Which of the following is the most common cause of Hypothyroidism in iodine sufficient area?
1) Iatrogenic hypothyroidism
2) Post-partum thyroiditis
3) Autoimmune thyroiditis
4) Thyroid aplasia

20. A 20 yr. old female patient presents with pain in thyroid region of the neck since few days. She gives recent history of mumps. On palpation thyroid is tender and her thyroid function test reveals raised levels of T3, T4 and low TSH. Iodine uptake is also low. Probable diagnosis in this case is:
1) de Quervain’s thyroiditis
2) Silent thyroiditis
3) Primary thyrotoxicosis
4) Hashimoto’s thyroiditis

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