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Sample Nursing Question
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Nursing Question Papers

1. School health services provides which of the following?
(a) nutritional services
(b) eye health
(c) remedial measures & follow up
(d) all of these

2. A mental illness may be marked by all of the following EXCEPT
(a) unpopular beliefs
(b) impairment in pre-existing functioning
(c) impoverishment of feelings
(d) disturbance in behaviour

3. While performing routine antenatal examination, the nurse is aware that edema in pregnancy may be due to
(a) pre eclampsia
(b) cardiac failure
(c) physiological
(d) all of these

4. The first- line therapy for acute otitis media in children is
(a) Cefuroxime
(b) amoxicillin- clavulanic acid
(c) amoxicillin
(d) azithromycin

5. Extremely depressed clients seem to do best in settings where they have
(a) multiple stimulus
(b) routine activities
(c) minimal decision making
(d) varied activities

6. Transition from the 1st stage to 2nd stage of labour is evidenced by
(a) increasing intensity of uterine contractions
(b) appearance of bearing down effort
(c) urge to defecate with descent of the presenting part
(d) all of these

7. Varicella zoster immune gamma globulin may be administered intramuscularly to infants for prevention of
(a) chicken pox
(b) measles
(c) mumps
(d) poliomyelitis

8. The advantages of using chalkboard as an AV Aids are as mentioned below Except
(a) it does not cause any noise
(b) produces dust
(c) can be used anywhere
(d) mistakes can be corrected immediately

9. According to the National Immunization Schedule, OPV booster dose is given at
(a) 10- 14 weeks
(b) 9 – 12 months
(c) 16- 24 months
(d) none of these

10. Children born with Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) may become symptomatic .......after birth
(a) any time
(b) 1- 2 weeks
(c) 2- 4 weeks
(d) 4- 6 weeks

11. Pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH) refers to
(a) pre eclampsia
(b) gestational hypertension
(c) eclampsia
(d) all of these

12. A behavioural therapy of sudden, direct and maximum exposure to the fear- producing stimulus is
(a) Flooding
(b) Desensitization
(c) Biofeedback
(d) response prevention

13. The most peripheral contact point between the primary health care system and the community is
(a) Community health centres (CHC)
(b) Primary health centres (PHC)
(c) Sub centre (SC)
(d) None of these

14. The process of assigning responsibility and authority to co- worker and ensuring his accountability is called
(a) Staffing
(b) Planning
(c) Decentralization
(d) delegation

15. The most common cause of antepartum haemorrhage (APH) is
(a) cervical polyp
(b) unexplained cause
(c) placental bleeding
(d) local trauma

16. Mania is characterized by
(a) paranoid delusion
(b) high self- esteem
(c) loss of insight
(d) loss of orientation

17. Demography is the scientific study of human population which includes the study of changes in
(a) population size
(b) its composition
(c) its distribution
(d) all of these

18. The psychological disorders and problems that may be seen in children includes the following EXCEPT
(a) Tic
(b) Delinquency
(c) Enuresis
(d) phimosis

19. One of the disadvantages of over head projector as an AV Aids is
(a) it provides one way communication
(b) eye contact can be maintained
(c) less pollutant
(d) cheapest of all projected aids

20. Pentavalent 1st dose is given at
(a) Birth
(b) 6 weeks
(c) 10 weeks
(d) 14 weeks

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