Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants Previous Question | NEET Biology Papers

Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants Previous Question
Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants Previous Question for NEET Biology Preparation. Here we discuss on Characteristic of Living Organism, Classification and Taxonomic Categories, Taxonomical Aids for NEET Examination. National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test Sample Papers will give an idea about the examination. Candidates are advised to practice old and previous papers to know about the syllabus. All objective and MCQ questions are in model practice set for best preparation.

1. Flowers are unisexual in-
A. China rose
B. Cucumber
C. Pea
D. onion

2. Among China rose, mustard, brinjal, potato, guava, cucumber, onion and tulip, how many plants have superior ovary?
A. Four
B. Six
C. Three
D. Five

3. Select the wrong statement-
A. Indigofera is used as a dye
B. Ashwagandha is a medicinal plant
C. Seeds are non-endospermous in Fabaceae
D. Ovary superior, bicarpellary with ovules on axile placentation in Liliaceae

4. Which of these is an example for a zygomorphic flower with diadelphous stamens and marginal placentation?
A. Pea
B. Lemon
C. Brinjal
D. cucumber

5. In one plant, underground stems are modified to store food and in another plant, the stem tendrils develop from axillary buds to help plants climb. They are-
A. O ginger, cucumber
B. carrot, jasmine
C. sweet potato, Bougainvillea
D. opuntia, Eichhornia

6. Consider the following statements.
I. In leguminous plants, leaf base becomes swollen, called pulvinus.
II. The fleshy leaves of onion and garlic store food.
III. The buds in Australian Acacia tree become green and synthesise food.
IV. In Alstonia, leaves show alternate phyllotaxy.
A. II and IV are correct
B. I and II are correct
C. I and III are correct
D. I and IV are correct

7. Monoadelphous condition of stamens is found in ----
A. China rose
B. Pea
C. Citrus
D. None of the above

8. Anthesis is phenomenon which refers to -
A. stigma receptivity
B. dehiscene of anthers
C. viability of pollen
D. opening of flower bud

9. Leaf tendrils are found in -
A. Peas
B. Cucumber
C. Grapevine
D. All of these

10. Lodicules are scale like structures found below the ovary in the flower of-
A. Wheat
B. Sunflower
C. Mustard
D. Lily

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