Mental Health Nursing Practice Test Questions Download Free Pdf

Mental Health Nursing Practice Test Questions
The Mental Health Nursing Practice Test Questions is helpful for the applicants in their preparation. Referring to the old exam paper/model paper helps the candidates in knowing how the question paper is going to be. However, here is an overview of question pattern. Download the Previous Year Question Paper Pdf given in the section below. This gives a clear idea of subjects you are preparing.

Mental Health Nursing Question Paper

1. American psychologist Edward L. Thorndike described___
(a) drive reduction theory
(b) behaviorism
(c) trial-and-error learning
(d) respondent behavior

2. Attachment theory states that ____
(a) infants are generally polytropic in their attachments
(b) attachment disorders may lead to a failure to thrive
(c) attachment occurs instantaneously between the mother and the child
(d) separation anxiety is most common when an infant is 5 months old

3. Neuropsychological deficits associated with left hemispheric damage include all of the following except
(a) limb apraxia
(b) finger agnosia
(c) aphasia
(d) visuospatial deficits

4. The Oedipus complex as described by Freud involves all of the following except______
(a) adult sexuality
(b) rivalries
(c) anal phase
(d) intense love relationships

5. According to Freud, the Oedipus complex is resolved through_____
(a) the castration complex
(b) the acting out of symbolic rivalries
(c) moving on to the genital stage of development
(d) the realization of one’s gender identity

6. You have a 72-year-old patient who has been very concerned with her appearance ever since you met her. She has had three facelifts, never leaves the house without makeup, and refuses to allow her grandchildren to call her “grandmother.” Which of the following of Erikson’s stages is this woman having difficulty mastering?
(a) Narcissistic
(b) Generativity versus stagnation
(c) Identity versus role confusion
(d) Integrity versus despair

7. A patient of yours reports having recurrent dreams of snakes shedding their skins. According to Carl Gustav Jung, this image is an example of which of the following?
(a) Illusions
(b) Phallic symbol
(c) Archetypes
(d) Manifest content

8. The psychiatric interview serves all of the following functions except ____
(a) to establish a therapeutic relationship
(b) to implement a treatment plan
(c) to assess the nature of the problem ripped by - PSYCHOPATH ripped by – PSYCHOPATH
(d) to demonstrate the physician’s expertise

9. Which type of patient would say the following: “I have a friend who is in the business and is great friends with some very famous celebrities. I could introduce you to them [horizontal ellipsis]”
(a) A seductive patient
(b) A noncooperative patient
(c) A lying patient
(d) A somatizing patient

10. Polysomnography (sleep EEG) abnormalities include______
(a) an increase in REM sleep in dementia
(b) an increased sleep latency in schizophrenia
(c) a decrease in the amount of REM sleep in major depressive disorder
(d) a lengthened REM latency in major depressive disorder

11. Alexithymia is ______
(a) an unpleasant mood
(b) a state in which a person is easily annoyed and provoked to anger
(c) a loss of interest in and withdrawal from pleasurable activities
(d) an inability to describe or to be aware of emotions or mood

12. Sundowning ____
(a) is a result of overmedication
(b) is associated with akathisia
(c) is associated with stupor
(d) occurs usually as a function of mania

13. A psychiatric patient who, although coherent, never gets to the point has a disturbance in the form of thought called _______
(a) Blocking
(b) Tangentiality
(c) Verbigeration
(d) circumstantiality

14. Asking a patient to interpret a proverb is used as a way of assessing_______
(a) abstract thinking
(b) impulse control
(c) insight
(d) intelligence

15. Broca’s aphasia is a term used for
(a) fluent aphasia
(b) global aphasia
(c) paraphasia
(d) expressive aphasia

16. The known alcoholic patient recounts that while shopping in his local grocery store 2 weeks ago, he had the realization that the store clerk is simply an imposter replacing his wife. The patient’s wife insists that her husband is completely delusional .Which one of the following types of delusions is the patient expressing?
(a) Capgras syndrome
(b) Clerambault syndrome
(c) Delusional jealousy
(d) Fregoli phenomenon

17. Feeling of unfamiliarity with a familiar situation termed as________
(a) Deja entendu
(b) Deja pense
(c) Deja vu
(d) Jamais vu

18. Illusion of auditory recognition termed as ________
(a) Deja entendu
(b) Deja pense
(c) Déjà vu
(d) Jamais vu

19. Inability to arrange words in proper sequence is termed as______
(a) Amnestic aphasia
(b) Broca’s aphasia
(c) Coprophasia
(d) Syntactical aphasia

20. Phobia that the client had Fear of dogs known as_____
(a) Apiphobia
(b) Cynophobia
(c) Musophobia
(d) Ophidiophobia

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