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Letter Series Model Question
Letter Series Model Question Papers for the competitive examination is given below. Candidates who are looking for Series Completion Model question paper can find in this section. To make it useful for the aspirants visiting our page we provided the direct link to download the pdf. Just click on the pdf link to download for free of cost. Find the direct download link for the exam question paper below.

Letter Series Sample Question

In each of the following series some of the letter(s) are missing which are given in that order as one of the alternatives below it. Choose the correct alternative.

1. C, Z, F, X, I, V, L T, O, ?, ?
(a) O, P
(b) P, Q
(c) R, R
(d) S, R

2. JAZ, LEX, NIV, PMT, ?
(a) FRE
(b) RQR
(c) FRG
(d) GFG

3. M, N, O, L, R, I, V, ?
(a) A
(b) E
(c) F
(d) H

(a) WVTS
(b) FTUY
(c) DFGT
(d) HGTY

(a) LMNO

6. NOM, QRP, TUS, ?
(a) SWE
(b) FYT
(c) WXV
(d) FTY

7. AI, BJ, CK, ?
(a) DL
(b) DM
(c) GH
(d) LM

8. DF, GJ, KM, NQ, RT, ?
(a) EI
(b) UX
(c) UV
(d) XY

9. AZ, GT, MN, ?, YB
(a) JH
(b) SH
(c) SK
(d) TS

10. AEN, MQZ, CGP, ?
(a) OSB
(b) PUE
(c) MPX
(d) OTC

11. GH, JL, NQ, SW, YD, ?
(a) EJ
(b) FJ
(c) EL
(d) FL

12. SCD, TEF, UGH, ?, WKL
(a) CMN
(b) VJI
(c) VIJ
(d) IJT

13. AZ, CX, FU, ?
(a) IR
(b) IV
(c) JQ
(d) KP

14. PMT, OOS, NQR, MSQ, ?
(a) LVR
(b) LVU
(c) LWP
(d) LUP

15. ajs, gpy, ?, sbk, yhk
(a) dmv
(b) mve
(c) oua
(d) qzi

16. CAR, GCO, KEL, OGL, ?
(a) SIK
(b) SIF
(c) TIK
(d) TIL

17. PMT, OOS, NQR, MSQ, ?
(a) LUP
(b) LVP
(c) LVR
(d) LWR

18. NOA, PQB, RSC, ?
(a) TUD
(b) TVD
(c) TUE
(d) TVE

19. BMX, DNW, FOU, ?
(a) GHO
(b) GPS
(c) HPS
(d) HPT

20. CBA, FED, IHG, LKJ, ?
(a) LVR
(b) LVP
(c) LWP
(d) LUP

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