UPSC Homeopathy Medical Officer Previous Question Papers

UPSC Homeopathy Medical Officer Previous Question
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UPSC Homeopathy Medical Officer Model Question

1) Sensation as if a drop of urine is rolling continuously along the channel is seen under the drug:
(a) Lycopodium
(b) Sarsaparilla
(c) Staphysagria
(d) Cantharides

2) A person of excitable, nervous temperament suffers from shooting over left eye, severe pain in eyeballs, with radiating pains around eye, shooting into nose. Supraorbital neuralgia periodic. What is the most suitable remedy?
(a) Glonoine
(b) Belladonna
(c) Cedron
(d) Pulsatilla

3) A feeling as if the face is covered with white of an egg or cobweb was on it. The point of the nose is cracked. It has a dusty, wrinkled and old look. There is craving for dry ice and dry food and has aggravation from starch, especially the starch of potatoes, salt, milk and any artificial food. Child wakes up confused. Child makes mistakes in writing and speaking. Time passes very slowly. Child is hot and suffers badly in warm room. Which is the most suitable remedy?
(a) Rheum
(b) Sanicula
(c) Alumina
(d) Lycopodium

4) Patient is obliged to keep the extremities elevated. When they are allowed to hang down, it seems as if they would burst, and the pain is unbearable. This is found in the drug:
(a) Vipera
(b) Silicea
(c) Lycopodium
(d) Rhus tox

5) Eczema, no itching, exudation forms into a hard, lemon-coloured crust are characteristics of:
(a) Nitric acid
(b) Pulsatilla
(c) Kali carb
(d) Cicuta virosa

6) There is high systolic pressure with a comparatively low diastolic tension under the drug:
(a) Kalmia
(b) Crataegus
(c) Baryta Mur
(d) Cactus

7) Which drug used as an external application, should be used with caution as it has the ability to produce inflammation?
(a) Rhus tox
(b) Chrysarobinum
(c) Calendula
(d) Thuja

8) The mucus flies out of mouth and nostrils, is covered under the drug:
(a) Badiaga
(b) Baptisia
(c) Cuprum met
(d) Caladium

9) The complementary to Calcarea carb is:
(a) Belladonna only
(b) Rhus tox only
(c) Neither Belladonna nor Rhus tox
(d) Both Belladonna and Rhus tox

10) Desire for apples and other fruits is a characteristic of which drug?
(a) Hydrophobinum
(b) Gelsemium
(c) Gambogia
(d) Guaiacum

11) Complaints from eating melons and drinking impure water are under the drug:
(a) Zingiber
(b) Aconite
(c) Pulsatilla
(d) Kali bich

12) Feet get sore from standing. Tender feet with shop girls. These are characteristics of:
(a) Rhus tox
(b) Silicea
(c) Squilla maritima
(d) Ruta graveolens

13) Which one of the following is not correctly matched?
(a) Psoric miasm ……… Aconitum nap
(b) Humid asthma……….Natrum sulph
(c) Hysterical asthma….. Platina
(d) Cardiac asthma………Glonoine

14) Dyspnoea relieved by walking rapidly is one of the red line symptoms of:
(a) Sepia
(b) Argentum nitricum
(c) Arsenic album
(d) Psorinum

15) Skin feels cold to touch, yet the patient cannot tolerate covering is one of the red line symptoms of:
(a) Arsenicum iodatum
(b) Secale cor
(c) Ledum pal
(d) Antim tart

16) ‘The urine is having highly intensified urinous odour, it is dark brown in colour’. The remedy for these symptoms may be:
(a) Acid phos
(b) Nitric acid
(c) Benzoic acid
(d) Lactic acid

17) Rheumatism followed by checked diarrhoea is found in:
(a) Abrotanum
(b) Rhus tox
(c) Colchicum
(d) Actea spicata

18) Afraid of sharp, pointed things, pins, needles etc, is one of the characteristics of:
(a) Sulphur
(b) Spongia
(c) Staphysagria
(d) Spigelia

19) Asthma of Kali carb patient is relieved by:
(a) Leaning forward
(b) Rocking
(c) Sitting up
(d) Stretching back

20) Pulse is slow, soft, weak, irregular, intermittent are the characteristics of which of the following?
1. Veratrum Viride
2. Tabacum
3. Digitalis
Select the correct answer using the code given below:
(a) 1 and 2 only
(b) 2 and 3 only
(c) 1 and 3 only
(d) 1, 2 and 3

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