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PSC Staff Nurse Previous Year Question
PSC Staff Nurse Previous Year Question Papers - Download and practice the Asked Questions from the Public Service Commission Exam Old Papers. Verify your expected answers with the original PSC ANM Solved Question Papers. Refer the Public Service Commission ANM Model Papers along with the Answers. Check the official website for more Public Service Commission GNM Last 10 Years Question Papers. The PSC Previous Papers are available here for free download. Download the PSC ANM Old Question Papers PDF along with the Answers.

Old PSC Question Papers Staff Nurse Pdf

1. The World AIDS day is celebrated on:
(A) December 1st
(B) December 10th
(C) December 14th
(D) December 31st

2. A sudden severe attack of shivering in which the body temperature rises rapidly in n stage of hyper pyrexia :
(A) Pyrexia
(B) Rigor
(C) Swinging fever
(D) Inverse fever

3. The number of pulse beats in a minute:
(A) Rhythm
(B) Volume
(C) Tension
(D) Rate

4. Increased respiratory rate over 24 breaths per minute:
(A) Apnoea
(B) Bradypnoca
(C) Tachypnoea
(D) Orthopnoea

5. The lack of oxygen in the tissues:
(A) Dyspnoea
(B) Asphyxia
(C) Anoxaemia
(D) Anoxia

6. The instrument used to measure blood pressure is:
(A) Barometer
(B) Sphygmomanometer
(C) Tonometer
(D) Audiometer

7. Total cessation of breathing is termed as:
(A) Apnoea
(B) Hyperapnea
(C) Eupnea
(D) Bradypnea

8. The largest gland in the body:
(A) Thyroid
(B) Liver
(C) Pancreas
(D) Parotid gland

9. Infancy is a period from:
(A) 0 - 1 year
(B) 1 - 3 years
(C) 3 – 6 years
(D) 6-12 years

10. Cessation of menstruation is termed as:
(A) Menarche
(B) Telarche
(C) Menopause
(D) Puberty

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