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PSC Staff Nurse Old Question Answer

PSC Staff Nurse Old Question Answer - The Public Service Commission GNM Syllabus and Exam Pattern is available here for the reference of PSC Exam applicants. The PSC Staff Nurse Syllabus and Exam Pattern will help the aspirants to identify the Subjects, type of questions, Marks allotted for each section, and Cut Off Marks. The table describes the Public Service Commission ANM Exam Paper Pattern and tap on the direct link for the detailed Public Service Commission Exam Pattern. The Public Service Commission ANM Exam applicants can visit this page for the precious material. The applied candidates can also allow downloading the Public Service Commission Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Papers from our website. The PSC Previous Papers will be helpful for the candidates to know the pattern of the Public Service Commission ANM Written Examination.

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61. The endometrium during pregnancy is termed as:
(A) Inner cell mass
(B) Chorion
(C) Trophoblast
(D) Decidua

62. The amniotic fluid volume reaches its peak at:
(A) 36 - 38 weeks
(B) 34 - 36 weeks
(C) 28 - 34 weeks
(D) 26 - 28 weeks

63. The umbilical cord contains:
(A) One artery and two veins
(B) 2 arteries
(C) 2 arteries and one vein
(D) 2 arteries and two veins

64. The average weight of a newborn in India:
(A) 2 kg to 2.5 kg
(B) 7.5 kg to 3.5 kg
(C) 3.5 kg to 4 kg
(D) 4 kg to 4.5 kg

65. The weight of a uterus in the non pregnant state:
(A) 30 gm
(B) 40 gm
(C) 60 gm
(D) 70 gm

66. The net maternal weight gain during pregnancy:
(A) 6-8kg
(B) 8-10kg
(C) 10-12 kg
(D) 12-14 kg

67. The stage of labour which starts from the onset of true labour pain and ends with full dilatation of cervix :
(A) 1st stage
(B) 2nd stage
(C) 3rd stage
(D) 4th stage

68. The vaginal discharge for the first fortnight during puerperium:
(A) Bleeding
(B) Lochia
(C) Show
(D) Menstruation

69. The process by which secondary oocyte is released from the ovary following rupture of a mature Graafian follicle is termed as :
(A) Oogenesis
(B) Spermatogenesis
(C) Menstruation
(D) Ovulation

70. The blood vessel carrying oxygenated blood from placenta to the fetus:
(A) Uterine artery
(B) Hypogastric artery
(C) Umbilical artery
(D) Umbilical vein

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