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ESIC Staff Nurse Sample Question Papers

ESIC Staff Nurse Sample Question Papers - Many candidates have applied for the ESIC Staff Nurse Exam and are preparing for the written test & Interview. The aspirants can prepare well for the Written Exam since there is tough competition. So, the candidates who are going to attend the Written Examination can download the ESIC Staff Nurse Previous Papers from the links given below for free of cost. Just click on the attachment to get the PDF File of the ESIC Previous Papers within few seconds.
To participate in the Examination, applicants need to make a better Preparation. For this Purpose, we provided the ESIC Nursing Exam Previous Question Papers. Therefore, applicants can download the ESIC Old Question Papers and practice them. After downloading the Provided Papers, make use of them in your Exam Preparation. With the Provided ESIC Previous Question Papers, you can perform well in the Examination.

ESIC Staff Nurse Model Question Paper And Answer

51. Who coined the term Schizophrenia?
(A) Emil Kreaplin
(B) Eugen Bluler
(C) Kurt Schneider
(D) Zigmond Freud

52. A false memory that the patient believes to be true is:
(A) Confabulation
(B) Cataplexy
(C) Anergia
(D) Fuge

53. A special kind of therapy in which the total structure of the treatment unit is involved as part of the helping process is called :
(A) Psychotherapy
(B) Milieu therapy
(C) Cognitive behaviour therapy
(D) Gestalt therapy

54. Drug of choice for treatment and prevention of further episodes of bipolar mood disorder is:
(A) Fluoxetine
(B) Chlordjazepoxide
(C) Amitryptiline
(D) Lithium

55. Abnormal involuntary movement which occurs suddenly, repetitively and purposeless is:
(A) Tic
(B) Mannerism
(C) Cataplexy
(D) Compulsion

56. Fear of high places is known as:
(A) Acrophobia
(B) Xenophobia
(C) Algophobia
(D) Claustrophobia

57. Therapeutic level of serum lithium is:
(A) 2.5 - 3.0 mEq/l
(B) 0.6-1.2 mEq/l
(C) 0.8-1.2 mEq/l
(D) 1.5-2.0mEq/l

58. A false unshakable belief is:
(A) Hallucination
(B) Illusion
(C) Delusion
(D) Derealization

59. Most severe alcohol withdrawal syndrome is:
(A) Hang over
(B) Delirium tremers
(C) Alcoholic seizures
(D) Alcoholic hallucinosis

60. A condition in which person maintaining the body posture into which it is placed is:
(A) Echopraxia
(B) Cataplexy
(C) Anergia
(D) Catalepsy

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