Previous Question Papers SBI PO Exam – Computer Knowledge

1. To configure the computer system, DOS requires that user first install ………..
(1) Software Programme
(2) Application software
(3) Suitable software programme
(4) Operating system software on the hard disk
(5) Suitable peripheral and device

2. The difference between ‘Template’ and ‘Wizard’ is that ………
(1) Both are MS-word features
(2) Template are user interactive programme where wizards are not
(3) Wizard not supported by MS Word
(4) Templates not supported by MS Word
(5) Wizards are user interactive program and Templates are pre-defined format

3. By which feature of internet the concept of ‘Teacher center learning’ changes to ‘students centered learning’?
(1) E-commerce
(2) E-education
(3) E-publishing
(4) E-governance
(5) E-mail

4. The ‘Star’ button available at ………
(1) Lower left corner of computer screen
(2) Lower right corner of computer screen
(3) Mid of computer screen
(4) Lower right corner of computer screen
(5) Upper right corner of screen

5. Which of the following statements is correct about the ‘Domain’?
(1) It is the smaller network making up the internet
(2) The domain may represent either a type of organization or a geographical knowledge
(3) It is a distributed database system for translating computer names
(4) Only (1) and (2)
(5) Only (1) and (3)

6. Which of the following allows a large program to be entered into the computer?
(1) Freeware
(2) Bootstrap
(3) Gateway
(4) Hyperlink
(5) Bubble memory

7. Mail on the WWW is …………..
(1) a website that allows merchants to set up shops
(2) a piece of equipment that connects a computer to an analog telecommunication line
(3) a special purpose device that handles the connection between two or more network
(4) an one way wireless communication device
(5) None of these

8. NVRAM in computer language stands for ……………….
(1) Non voice random access memory
(2) Non volatile random access memory
(3) Non virtual random access memory
(4) New voice random access memory
(5) New virtual random access memory

9. A device that generates periodic accurately spaced series of pulse for the purpose of timing, regulation of operation etc is called ……….
(1) Backbone
(2) Y-modem
(3) Clock
(4) Intranet
(5) Browser

10. Which of the following is correct about spamming?
(1) It is the process of sending an E-mail that is not requested
(2) It is also called ‘grey-mailing’
(3) It is used to advertise products
(4) Only (1) and (2)
(5) All of the above

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