SBI PO Marketing Aptitude Question Papers Asked in Main Exam

SBI PO Marketing Aptitude Question
Candidates are advised to check with the latest SBI PO Marketing Aptitude Question. Applicants who are eligible are allowed for the online assessment test, where the job seekers are given questions related to subjects in the table below. Hence, check the details to plan your preparation. State Bank of India Previous Papers helps the applicants during the preparation.
Also, helps in understanding the exam question paper pattern and way the questions are given. Referring more previous year papers helps in scoring good marks. Also, helps in time management during the examination. Click on the links given below to go to particular SBI previous year question paper pdf on Marketing Aptitude. However, before starting your preparation we advise to check the complete SBI exam syllabus for Probationary Officer posts.
SBI Probationary Officer previous year question paper on Marketing Aptitude direct download links. Click on the links below and download the pdf for free of cost. State Bank of India paper below is only for reference. The same question won’t come in the main examination. Hence, download the paper and start your preparation.

Marketing Aptitude Question Papers for SBI

1. Effective selling skills depends on …………………………
(1) Number of languages known to the DSA
(2) Data on marketing staff
(3) Information regarding IT market
(4) Knowledge of related markets
(5) Ability to talk fast

2. A Direct Selling Agent (DSA) is required to be adept in ………………
(1) Surrogate marketing
(2) Training skills
(3) Communication skills
(4) Market research
(5) OTC marketing

3. Leads can be best sourced from ……………..
(1) Foreign customers
(2) Yellow pages
(3) Dictionary
(4) List of vendors
(5) Local supply chains

4. A successful marketing person required one of the following qualities
(1) Empathy
(2) Sympathy
(3) Insistence
(4) Aggressiveness
(5) Pride

5. Innovation in marketing is same as …………..
(1) Abbreviation
(2) Communication
(3) Creativity
(4) Aspiration
(5) Research work

6. Market segmentation can be restored to by dividing the target group as per …….
(1) Income levels of customers
(2) Age of employees
(3) Needs of the sales persons
(4) Marketing skills of the employees
(5) Size of the organisation

7. Post-sales activities include ……….
(1) Sales presentation
(2) Customer feedback
(3) Customer identification
(4) Customer apathy
(5) Product design

8. The USP of a product denotes ……
(1) Usefulness of the product
(2) Drawbacks of a product
(3) Main functions
(4) Number of allied products
(5) High selling features of a product

9. The competitive position of a company can be improved by …………
(1) Increasing the selling price
(2) Reducing the margin
(3) Ignoring competition
(4) Increasing the cost price
(5) Understanding and fulfilling customers need

10. Value added service means
(1) Low cost products
(2) High cost products
(3) At per service
(4) Additional services for the same cost
(5) Giving discounts

11. The target market for Debit Cards is ……………..
(1) All existing account holders
(2) All agriculturists
(3) All DSA
(4) All vendors
(5) All outsourced agents

12. A good brand can be built up by way of ……………
(1) Customers grievances
(2) Breakdown of IT support
(3) Old age
(4) Large number of products
(5) Consistent offering of good services