SBI PO Exam Preparation on Data Interpretation and Analysis

SBI PO Exam Preparation
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Data Interpretation and Analysis Question for SBI PO

Direction (1 – 4) : Answer the questions on the basic of the graph given below.
The graph below outlines the cumulative approvals and disbursals of housing loans by XYZ bank for the period 2000-2004.
sbi po question paper 2011 pdf

Approval and disbursals of housing loans for the year 2000 is Rs 0.5 crore and Rs 0.45 crore respectively.

1. Considering housing loan approvals as a percentage of cumulative approval, the maximum growth has been recorded in the year:
(1) 2001
(2) 2002
(3) 2003
(4) 2004
(5) 2000

2. During which one of the following years is the maximum approval to disbursal ratio?
(1) 2000
(2) 2001
(3) 2002
(4) 2003
(5) 2004

3. What was the value of loans (in Rs crore) that got approval during the period 2000-2004?
(1) 8.05
(2) 7.5
(3) 10.55
(4) 9.5
(5) 6.3

4. Assume that all loans approved in 2002 got disbursed in the same year. Approximately, what percentage of the loan disbursed in 2002 was from loans approved in the previous years?
(1) 12%
(2) 16%
(3) 20%
(4) 8%
(5) 14%

Direction (5 – 8): Answer the questions on the basic of the graph given below.
The line graphs represent trends of agricultural and industrial production indices (Base year 1990) during 1994 to 1999.

sbi po question paper pdf

Agricultural production Index in year ‘n’ = (Agricultural production in that year X 100) / Agricultural Production in 1990
Industrial production Index in year ‘n’ = (Industrial production in that year X 100) / Industrial production in 1990

5. What was the average growth of agricultural production index per annum over the period shown?
(1) 2.2%
(2) 12%
(3) 3%
(4) 2.5%
(5) 4%

6. In which year during the given period did Industry grow slowest and what was the rate of growth recorded?
(1) 1995-96, 5.7%
(2) 1998-99, 2.7%
(3) 1997-98, 4.5%
(4) 1998-99, 3.1%
(5) None of these

7. If the agricultural production touched 206 million tones in 1997, what was the agricultural production in the base year in million tones?
(1) 185
(2) 175
(3) 190
(4) 195
(5) 206

8. If the total economic production is calculated as sum of agricultural and industrial production, then by what percent did the economic production grow the given period?
(1) 22%
(2) 44%
(3) Between 12% and 33%
(4) Cannot be determined
(5) None of these