IBPS Clerk Computer Question with Answer

1. The following computer’s memory is characterized by low cost per bit stored ……………………
(1) primary
(2) secondary
(3) hard disk
(4) All of the above
(5) None of these
2. What happens when we try to delete the files on the floppy?
(1) The files get moved to the Recycle bin
(2) Files on a floppy cannot be deleted
(3) The files get deleted and can be restored again from Recycle Bin
(4) The files get deleted and cannot be restored again
(5) The files gets copied on the Hard Disk
3. In word, replace option is available on ……..
(1) File Menu
(2) View Menu
(3) Edit Menu
(4) Format Menu
(5) None of these
4. In word, you can change Page Margins by ……………..
(1) Dragging the scroll box on the scroll bars
(2) Deleting the margin boundaries on the Ruler
(3) Dragging the margin boundaries on the Ruler
(4) Clicking the Right Mouse button on the Ruler
(5) None of these
5. What type of keys are ‘CTRL’ and ‘SHIFT’?
(1) Adjustment
(2) Function
(3) Modifier
(4) Alphanumerical
(5) None of these

6. A word gets selected by clicking it to select a word, in Word ………..
(1) once
(2) twice
(3) three times
(4) four times
(5) None of these
7. To reverse the effect of your last action in word, ……………….
(1) Use the cut command
(2) Use the undo command
(3) Press the delete key
(4) Use the Redo button
(5) None of these
8. Your position in the text is shown by a …………….
(1) Blinker
(2) Cursor
(3) Causer
(4) Pointer
(5) None of these
9. The time for the actual data transfer after receiving the request for data form secondary storage is referred to as the disk’s ………………
(1) transfer time
(2) movement time
(3) access time
(4) data input time
(5) None of these
10. Which of the following categories would include a keyboard?
(1) Printing device
(2) Output device
(3) Pointing device
(4) Storage device
(5) Input device
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