Combined Defence Service Exam Question Papers

Direction (1 – 18) : Each question in this section has a sentence with three underlined parts labeled (a), (b) and (c). Read each sentence to find out whether there is any error in any underlined part and indicate your answer in the Answer Sheet against the corresponding letter i.e, (a) or (b) or (c). If you find no error indicated as (d).
1. The scientist was seemed (a) / to be excited (b) / over the result of the experiment. (c) / No error (d)
2. The student could not answer the teacher (a) / when he was asked to explain (b) / why so late that day (c). / No error (d)
3. John could not come (a) / to school (b) / as he was ill form cold. (c) No error (d)
4. Though she has aptitude in Mathematics (a) I won’t allow her to take it up as a subject for the Master’s Degree (b) / because I know the labour involved will tell upon her health. (c) / No error (d)
5. I am not familiar with (a) / all the important places in this town, (b) although I have been living here since two years. (c) / No error (d)

6. If I would be a millionaire, (a) I would not be wasting my time (b) / waiting for a bus. (c) / No error (d)
7. Until you begin to make a better use of your time, (a) / I shall not stop (b) / finding fault in you. (c) / No error (d)
8. Neither of the two boys (a) / is sensible (b) / enough to do this job. (c) / No error (d)
9. They left (a) / their luggages (b) / at the railway station. (c) No error
10. You will get (a) / all the informations (b) / if you read this booklet carefully. (c) / No error (d)
11. She sang (a) / very well, (b) / isn’t it? (c) / No error (d)
12. He is working (a) / in a bank in New Delhi (b) / for the past several months. (c) / No error (d)
13. There is no question (a) / of my failing (b) / in the examination. (c) / No error (d)
14. He is going everyday (a) / for a morning walk (b) / with his friends and neighbours. (c) / No error (d)
15. He relatives could not explain to us (a) / why did not she come form wedding (b) / as she was expected. (c) / No error (d)
16. He was prevented to accept the assignment (a) / because e was a government employee (b) / and as such barred from accepting such assignment. (c) / No error (d)
17. If you repeat this mistake, (a) / I will inform to your father (b) / and do not blame me then. (c) / No error (d)
18. Lieutenant Anand was short and muscular (a) / with shoulders that bulged impressively (b) / against his smart uniform. (c) No error (d)
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