GATE Aptitude

1. Complete the sentence: Abhisekh is quite infatuated ………………… her. A. with B. of C. for D. about gate aptitude 2. Choose the grammatically CORRCT sentence A. Manak failed to seize upon the golden opportunity of his life. B. Manak failed to seize from the golden opportunity of his life. C. Manak failed to seize of the golden opportunity of his life. D. Manak failed to seize through the golden opportunity of his life. 3. A rectangular playground 30m wide and 60m in length surrounded by a walkway of uniform width. How wide is the walkway, if the area of the walkway is 279m2? A. 5 m B. 1.5 m C. 2.6 m D. 1.55 m 4. What is the closest meaning of the word NIGGARDLY? A. Generous B. Penurious C. Joyless D. Liberal 5. Statement : India has been facing the problem of child labour despite several legislation. Which of the following is the best inference of the above statement? A. India should treat child labour as a trivial issue. B. Child labour should be declared civil offence. C. Children indulging in such activities
Practice Exercise - 352 [ GATE Aptitude ]
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