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"Sit down", the Principal said, but Mr. Tagde continued to stand, gaining courage from his own straight-backed stance, because he was beginning to feel a little afraid now. The Principal looked unhappy. He disliked being forced to perform this sort of an unpleasant task. "I wish you would consider withdrawing this report", he said. "I am sorry, Sir, I cannot do that" Mr. Tagde said. He was pleased with his unwavering voice and uncompromising words. "It will be a very damaging report if put on record". "It is a factual report on very damaging conduct". “You are asking for the boy’s expulsion from school. Don’t you think the punishment is too harsh for a few boyish pranks" ? upsc cds question papers 1. Mr. Tagde did not sit down because (a) he was angry with the Principal (b) he was in a defiant mood (c) he did not like the student (d) he was in a hurry 2. He would not withdraw the report because (a) he was arrogant and bitter (b) it was an accurate report (c) he wanted to create problems for the Principal (d) he wanted to show his authority 3. The Principal was unhappy because he (a) did not like to deal with an arrogant person (b) was angry with Mr. Tagde (c) could not enforce discipline in school (d) did not want to expel the boy
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