National Insurance Model Question Paper

Direction (1 – 5): In each of the following questions two keys words have been written in a code language. The letters in the code equivalent are not necessarily in the same order as letters in the key word for which they stand. Under them a third word has been given which has been written in four different code languages including the one in which the keywords have been written. Find the alternative which may be code equivalent in the code of the key words. That is your answer. 1. POSTMAN bfglrvz OMEN dfrz NORTH (1) dfrvz (2) dfgrz (3) bclrz (4) dcfoz National Insurance Company Limited model question paper 2. STEAL fjkps EARN fnpt BLEAK (1) gnkpt (2) fgjkp (3) fgjmp (4) fjnps 3. RAISE nprtu CLASH bruxy SLATE (1) nruxy (2) npruy (3) nprty (4) mnruy 4. COLUMN aioqrw BIRTH gmtvx LENGTH (1) mrstwx (2) grtuvw (3) kmnrvw (4) aimvwy 5. MASTER bnpqvx SECOND abjnow NORTH (1) amvwx (2) abnvx (3) bnqvx (4) abnwx
Practice Exercise - 314 [ Reasoning ]
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