Indian Overseas Bank PO Model Question Paper

Direction (1 – 7) : Study the following information to answer the questions. P, Q, R, S, T, V and W are sitting in a straight line facing north. Each one of them lives on a different floor in the same building which is numbered from one to seven. Q sits fourth to the left of the person living on the 6th floor. Either Q or the person living on the 6th floor sits at the extreme ends of the line. indian overseas bank po model question paper Only one person sits between Q and W. W lives on the 3rd floor. The person living on the 1st floor sits third to right of S. S is not an immediate neighbor of W. Only one person lives between T and person who lives on the 2nd floor. P and R are immediate neighbor of each other. P does not live on the 6th floor. One who lives on the 5th floor sits third to the right of the one who lives on the 7th floor. 1. Who among the following lives on the 4th floor? (1) P (2) Q (3) R (4) S (5) V
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