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2. The main advantage of interrupt concept is elimination of ……… (1) spooling (2) polling (3) job scheduling (4) blocking the currently running process it exam questions 3. Which of the following is true? (1) Duplicate values are allowed in a primary key (2) Primary keys generally can be changed (3) Foreign keys are based on data values and are purely logical not physical pointer (4) You can define foreign keys without existing primary key (5) None of these 4. The data dictionary tells the DBMS : (1) What files are in the database (2) What attributes are processed by the data (3) What these files contain (4) All the abobe 5. Which of the following is not applicable for smart card? (1) Identification (2) Loyalty programs (3) Signal use, stored value (4) Transportation (5) None of these
Practice Exercise - 309 [ IT Aptitude ]
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