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Direction (1 – 8) : In each question, one of the five parts of the sentence is shown with an asterisk (*). The other four parts of the sentences are denoted by (A), (B), (C), (D). find out the correct sequence of these lettered parts which when read together with the asterisked part in its proper position, makes the sentences meaningfully complete. Please note that more than one sequence may also be correct. Therefore, indicate your answer only after judging all the answer choice provided. 1. * are not keeping (A) good health lately (B) you should know (C) why you (D) the reason (1) Only BDC*A (2) Only DBCA* (3) Only BADC* (4) Only C*DBA (5) Only BD*AC bank exam english 2. * thiefs (A) to guard his house (B) and keep away (C) some fierce dogs (D) he keeps (1) Only *CBAD (2) Only DCAB* (3) Only D*ABC (4) Only AD*BC (5) None of these 3. * his business (A) was a heavy blow to (B) his crime (C) the discovery of (D) his reputation and (1) Only C*ADB (2) Only BADC* (3) Only CBAD* (4) Either *ACDB or C*ABD (5) None of these
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