Job Interview Questions

Why should we hire you?

This is most common and tricky question often interviewers asked to their interview. They through there ball to you to see how you pass it to them.

Almost every candidate describe their professional skills and good side he have. This is good answer but very boring to me. As an interviewer I also ask these questions to most of the candidate and almost everyone tell the same speech. I also don’t know why I asked them these stupid question as I know what should be their  answer?

I think you all who are going to appear interview first time try to improve it. Be polite but aggressive. Some years ago I went to an engineering college for campus placement. There I met a candidate who satisfy me for that particular questions. He started with his professional and personal skill, his education qualification etc but then he said “ sir all the skills and strength I said also have the other candidates waiting outside. All the candidates waiting outside including me have a good result and all the skills you required for that post and they pass all the criteria for the post. We all have the quality for the post now you have to decide whom you give the chance”.  The last few line impress me.  I think you all candidate should include some unique punch line which make you different form the other candidates.

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