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Every man. 2. It is common opinion (B) among Indian Engle that if (C) Gandhi was alive to-day The basic difference (B) between the romantic and 8. To all of the representatives (B) who participated in the deliberations (C) belong the credit for thrashing out (D) such a sound resolution A custom. however good (B) may corrupt the world if (C) it continues to be in existence for When the two (B) parted, (C) they bade farewell (D) to one another The drainage and sanitary system (B) of our cities is not good; (C) and that is the basic reason why The atmosphere has no (A) definite upper (B) limits but (C) slowly thins until it becomes (D) imperceptible classical poetry (C) is the presence of the flight of (D) imagination in the former and the absence The atmosphere (A) contains water vapour, but (B) there is a limit (C) to how much water can woman and child (B) in this country (C) are aware (D) of the terrible consequence
Practice Exercise - 122 [ English ]
bank english questions

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