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22. The minister called for (A) radical changes in the world monrtary (B) and financial system to respond to (C) the new realities (D). No error (E) english question for bank exam 23. Everything depends (A) on them (B) having (C) the courage of their (D) convictions. No error (E) 24. It (A) has been our custom since times immemorial (B) to extend hospitality (C) to those who come to our door (D). No error (E) 25. In developing countries (A) and in urban areas, rapid population growth is creating (B) major economics and social problems (C) that are becoming immanageable (D). No error (E) 26. Mrs. Indira Gandhi's initiative (A) as chairperson of the Non-Aligned movement to bring (B) people of different countries (C) together was unique (D). No error (E) 27. Ashoka the great (A) was regarded (B) one of the greatest emperors the (C) world has ever produced (D). No error (E) 28. No sooner the police arrived (A) than (B) the robbers made good their escape (C) with (D) the booty. No error (E) 29. A poet of finer sensibilities sees beauty (A) in all the material and mental (B) , moral and spiritual (C) and living and non-living things (D). No error (E) 30. The total trade turn-over (A) between (B) the two countries is likely to go up (C) by 30 per cent in 1985 as compared with (D) that of 1984. No error (E) 31. The difference between (A) a good walker and a bad one is (B) that one walks (C) his heart and another (D) with his feet. No error (E) 32. More we get. more we want (A); in this way (B) there is no end (C) so human desires (D). No error (E)
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