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8. Foreign (A) scholarships (B) in particular (C) give the students an oppotunity (D) to interact with international teaching and student community. All correct. (E) Bank English Question Papers 9. The snowy (A) frolic (B) of Dalhousie slowly (C) melts to the warmth (D) of Chamba’s sunshine. All correct. (E) 10. India has come a long (A) way in the development (B) of educational infastructure (C) since independence. (D) All correct (E) 11. Marxism (A) was made appealing (B) and convincing (C) both to the mind and brain of the pupil (D) . All correct (E) 12. Kaley Shah was terrified (A) because a smuggler (B) was present (C) in his house without his knowledge (D). All correct (E). 13. She was a party to the conspiracy (A) with Nabab and was sure (B) that Nabab would bring (C) his sweat-heart (D) rather than cloves. All correct (E). 14. The crew (A) and the passengers had inflinching (B) faith in the durability (C) and unsinkability (D) of the ship. All correct (E) 15. A country-wide compaign (A) needs to be launched (B) to build public opinion and the erring (C) employer (D) of children be punished. All correct (E). 16. Oportunities (A) multiply (B) when they are seized (C) and die (D) when they are not. All correct (E) 17. He realized (A) he was alone (B) in the house and rushed (C) to bolt (D) all the doors and windows. All correct (E) 18. The information (A) provided (B) to the staff was not adecuate (C) and everyone retaliated. (D) All correct (E) 19. Worried (A) that he will fail in the exams, Satish stayed (B) up the whole kinght (C) and studied. (D) All correct (E) 20. Thomas could not cook (A) very well and thus had to stay (B) food from (C) a restaurant. (D) All correct (E) 21. Indian peoples (A) invest (B) as much (C) in gold as in bank savings accounts. (D) All correct (E) 22. The issues (A) of hunger and poorty (B) are left behind (C) as we have progressed (D) in technology. All correct (E) 23. Rajan would (A) pick (B) up his children from (C) the school and superwise (D) their homework. All correct (E) 24. A good (A) leader is of prime (B) importance for develop (C) of any organisation. (D) All correct (E) 25. The milk vendor (A) studied hard (B) for four years before topped (C) the national level (D) exam. All correct (E) 26. RBI has attempted (A) to spend (B) financial (C) awareness (D) through this programme. All Correct (E) 27. In order to succeed (A) it is crucial (B) for an organisation to constantly (C) improve. (D) All Correct (E) 28. With some assistance (A) from her son she was enable (B) to settle (C) her debts (D) on time. All Correct (E) 29. Though the government initiated (A) a large sum (B) of money in the scheme (C) it was a failure. (D) All Correct (E) 30. We have prepared a detailed (A) report giving various (B) solutions (C) to resort (D) the problem. All Correct (E) 31. It is true (A) that credit card companies cannot import (B) such (C) high charges (D) on customers. All correct (E)
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