Exercise - 21 [ Bank General English Question ]

Directions: Given below is a passage in which missing words are represented by numbered blanks. Below the passage, against each number are suggested some choices, only one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate choice in each case. Passage 1 The traditional method of managing credit risk is ________(1)________ diversification. Although ___________(2)_________ credit risk through diversification is effective, institutions are often constrained by __________(3)________ of diversification ___________(4)__________ on account of limited area of __________(5)__________. During the last few years, managing credit risk through selling assets by way of securitisation has _________(6)_______ in popularity. The market for securitised assets has grown ______(7)_______ in the last few years and is expected to grow further in the ________(8)__________ years. This mode of credit risk mitigation is most ____________(9)________ to loans with standardized payment schedules and similar credit risk characteristics such as housing loans, auto loans, credit card receivables, etc. Further, shedding loans through securitisation might _________(10)________ client relationship. In this context, credit derivatives provide a new technique for managing credit risk. 1. (1) by (2) onto (3) for (4) at (5) through 2. (i) watching (ii) mitigating (iii) taking (iv) affording (v) seeing 3. (i) lack (ii) supply (iii) scarcity (iv) void (v) want 4. (i) luck (ii) fortune (iii) activities (iv) opportunities (v) chance 5. (i) place (ii) transaction (iii) operations (iv) dealing (v) work 6. (i) gained (ii) sold (iii) valued (iv) bought (v) profited 7. (i) gigantic (ii) slowly (iii) slightly (iv) needlessly (v) impressively 8. (i) yester (ii) futuristic (iii) golden (iv) coming (v) past 9. (i) desired (ii) suited (iii) wanted (iv) suitable (v) popular 10. (i) kill (ii) lynch (iii) damage (iv) promote (v) burn Passage 2 What this approach lacks is the essential interaction with __________(1)_______ and with other humans. Indeed in many environmental activities the _______(2)________ takes place. A classic example of this is making of a herbarium or even worse, an insect ________(3)_______ so common in both formal and non formal education in India. A child is ______(4)_____ encouraged to pluck leaves and ________(5)______ and run after butterflies with a net and is ______(6)_____ of a large group of children similarly working a ________(7)______ of nature within it. Such a child is not likely to develop any strong _______(8)_______ of respect for nature, or for the individual ‘specimens’ pressed in the ________(9)_______ file or trapped in a jar. It is worse when the activity is also competitive, i.e., who __________(10)__________ the maximum.
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