Bank Exam Model Computer Questions

Bank Computer Knowledge 1. ___Key combination that lets you toggle between open windows a) ALT+SHIFT+TAB b) ALT+CTRL+TAB c) ALT+CTRL d) ALT+TAB 2. When more than one window is open, to switch to the next window ___ is the key combination a) CTRL+F5 b) CTRL+F6 c) CTRL+F7 d) CTRL+F8 3. To select or unselect one word to the right a) CTRL+ SHIFT b) CTRL + SHIFT + Down Arrow c) CTRL + SHIFT + Right Arrow d) None of the above 4. To maximize or restore a selected window a) CTRL+F7 b) CTRL+F10 c) CTRL+F8 d) CTRL+F9 5. To Copy a picture of the selected window to the clipboard a) ALT+TAB b) ALT + Print Screen c) Both (a) and (b) d) None of the above 6. ___Is the key to close a selected drop-down list; cancel a command and close a dialog box a) TAB b) SHIFT c) ESC d) None of the above 7. ___Is the key we use to run the selected command a) SHIFT b) TAB c) ENTER d) CTRL 8. ___Is the functional key to display save as box a) F5 b) F6 c) F9 d) F12 9. ___Is the combination of keys to switch between the last four places that you have edited a) ALT+CTRL+Z b) ALT+CTRL+Y c) ALT+TAB+Z d) ALT+SHIFT+Z 10. To delete one word to the right a) CTRL+SHIFT b) CTRL+TAB c) CTRL+DEL d) CTRL+Z 11. ___Is the combination of keys we use to hide rows a) CTRL+9 b) CTRL+8 c) CTRL+7 d) CTRL+6 12. To hide the columns ___ is the functional key a) CTRL+3 b) CTRL+2 c) CTRL+1 d) CTRL+0 13. ___Is the shortcut key to delete cells, rows or columns a) CTRL+ Minus Sign b) CTRL+ Plus Sign c) CTRL+ Star Sign d) CTRL+ Greater than Sign
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Bank Computer Question

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Bank Computer Questions

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Bank Model Computer Question

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