Syndicate Bank Banking Aptitude and Current Affairs

Q1. Who among the following is not the present Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of India?
1) K.C.Chakravarthy
2) Subhir Gokarn
3) D. Subba Rao
4) Anand Sinha
5) H. R.khan

Q2. On 4th July 2011, the Reserve Bank of India on extended the .........% ceiling of bank investment in liquid schemes of mutual funds to include short-term debt funds?
1) 7
2) 8
3) 9
4) 11
5) 10

Q3. Fixed Deposit also called as .........?
1) Term Deposit
2) Steer Deposit
3) Validity Deposit
4) No Cancel Deposit
5) Inter Deposit

Q4. Expand CDSL .........?
1) Central Deposit Source Limited
2) Central Deposit Signal Limited
3) Central Depository Services Loyalty
4) Central Dena Services Limited
5) Central Depository Services Limited

Q5. Credit Creation means .........?
1) giving loans after cancellation of old loan
2) giving more and more loans to BPL families
3) to expand deposits through expanding their loans and advances
4) to provide more loans to government employees without rate of interest
5) All of above

Q6. The best alternative banking service to branch banking to be the part of Financial Inclusion?
1) Establishment of small branches
2) Setup ATMs
3) Issuing of ATM cards
4) Giving Credit Cards
5) Mobile banking

Q7. By 31st March 2011, the Non-performance Assets ( NPA) of all banks reached about .........percent?
1) One
2) Three
3) Five
4) Ten
5) Eight

Q8. Central Bank of India has tie up with .......... to promote vocational training amongst the youth.
1) National Skill Deemed Corporation (NSDC)
2) National Steamed Development Corporation (NSDC)
3) National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC)
4) Notional Skill Development Corporation (NSDC)
5) None

Q9. India is set for a record food grains production in the 2010-11 crop year at ..........million tonnes as per the advance estimates released by the Agriculture Ministry?
1) 222.28
2) 232.12
3) 321.25
4) 241.56
5) 201.20

Q10. Overdraft facility means .........?
1) bank account holders to have a facility to take draft having denomination more than the minimum balance they maintain
2) facility that allows bank to charge more draft charges if they issue drafts having more value than Rs.1,00,000
3) the account holder can take more than one draft in a day in the same branch by paying few charges
4) rural Banks can take more loan than allowed by the RBI from world bank in the month of March every year
5) facility that allows bank account holders to have a negative balance on their bank accounts and pay rate of interest on the excess amount used

Q11. Which among the following measures can not be taken by the government to tackle the inflation?
1) Financing the areas, where the production of the goods is less
2) Fixing the MRP of major products to be bought
3) Asking RBI to mint the new currency
4) Banning the export of goods
5) None

Q12. Committee Of Secretaries ( COS) recommend ......... percent of FDI in the multibrand retail sector?
(Committee headed by Ajay Kumar Seth)
1) 49
2) 74
3) 51
4) 26
5) 100

Q13. On 18 July 2011, A tripartite agreement was signed between the Centre, West Bengal government and the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha(GJM) paving the way for the setting up of the GTA an elected body for the Darjeeling hills. GTA means?
1) Gorkhaland Terminal Administration
2) Gorkhaland Territorial Authority
3) Gorkha Time Administration
4) Gorkha Territorial Administration
5) Gorkhaland Territorial Administration

Q14. International events given. Pick the wrong one?
1) India helps Nepal in the election management
2) Newzeland prime minister John Key visited India
3) South Korea signed civil nuclear cooperation agreement with India
4) Ollanta Humala won Mexico presidential election
5) World's longest sea bridge of 36.48 km across the mouth of the Jiaozhou Bay in eastern Shandong Province, in Chin

Q15. Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit, 2011 details are given. Pick the wrong option?
1) On 15 June 2011 the summit held in Astana ( capital of Kazakhstan)
2) China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are the member states
3) The head quarters is Shanghai. Muratbek Sansyzbayevich Imanaliyev is the secretary General
4) India was removed as the member of SCO recently
5) The internal members Co-operation is the agenda of this summit

Q16. The country's first-ever socio-economic and caste Census to identify people living below poverty line (BPL) started on Jun 29, 2011 at tribal village of Sankhola of .........?
1) Maharashtra
2) Andhra Pradesh
3) Jammu
4) Bihar
5) Tripura

Q17. The Wimbledon event details are given.
Pick the wrong one?
1) Men's singles got by Novak Djokovic of Serbia and runner is Rafael Nadal (Spain)
2) Women's singles got by Petra Kvitova of Czech and runner is Maria Sharapova of Russia
3) Men's doubles got by Bob Bryan and Mike Bryan of USA
4) Mixed doubles got by Jurgen Melzer of Australia and Iveta Benesova of Czech. Runners are Mahesh Bhupathi of India and Vesnina of Russia
5) None

Q18. Reserve Bank of India made compulsory that the banks to hold 24 percent of their net demand and time liabilities (NDTL) in a liquid portfolio under the statutory liquidity ratio (SLR). What is the ultimate aim of RBI to mandate the above rule?
1) As it is supervision bank, it want to check whether the banks follow or not
2) The banks must put money in liquid portfolio as per the order of World Bank
3) Increases flow of credit to productive sectors and give strength to Financial System
4) Liquid profile is one of the character features of BASEL committee recommendation
5) None

Q19. Increase in deposit rate results .........?
1) lower savings
2) lower investments
3) increase bank branches
4) increase savings
5) none

Q20. Banks giving the lowest lending in the ......... Part of India.
1) Central
2) North Eastern
3) Southern
4) Western
5) Northern

Q21. ......... is a good step if RBI to stop the Capital Outflows and contain the currency depreciation?
1) increase the bank license fee
2) restricting customers not to use other ATM
3) decrease the interest rates
4) increase the interest rates
5) None

Q22. ......... bank is not a foreign bank?
3) ANZ
4) SCB

Q23. Plastic Card of the banks do not include .........?
1) Passport issued by Indian Government
2) Credit Card issued by SBI
3) Debit Card issued by ICICI
4) Pre-Paid Card issued by HSBC
5) ATM Card issued by foreign Banks

Q24. On 5 July 2011, $ 200 million granted by World Bank to strengthen panchayats and municipalities in .........?
1) Tamilnadu
2) Andhra Pradesh
3) Rajasthan
4) Uttar Pradesh
5) Kerala

Q25. Reframed National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) got $ 1billion as credit to improve livelihood prospects in the country's rural economy from ........?
1) IMF
2) IDA
3) World Bank
4) IFC
5) ODA

Q26. ......... was elected Chairman of the Empowered Committee of State Finance Ministers on GST((Goods and Services Tax).
1) Kelkar
2) Asim Das Guptha
3) Sushil Kumar Modi
4) Rosaiah
5) Chidambaram

Q27. ......... allocated more administrative and financial powers to panchayats to further strengthen Panchayati Raj Institutions recently
1) Haryana
2) Himachal Pradesh
3) Tamilnadu
4) Sikkim
5) Delhi

Q28. .........was nominated to the Nobel Peace Prize from India to recognize his initiatives to bring peace among ethnic communities of the north east?
1) Pope Bendict XIV
2) Thoma Bendict XII
3) Thomas Menamparampil
4) Bendict Louis
5) None

Q29. Authors and Books given. Pick the wrong combination?
1) Straight from the Heart -Bradman
2) Sunny Days - Gavaskar
3) If Cricket is a Religion, Sachin is God - Vijay Santhanam
4) Wide Angle - Anil Kumble
5) Standing My Ground - Mathew Hayden

Q30. Sagar Prahari Bal is the .........
1) India war ship
2) Indian Sea watching agency
3) Indian missile water to water
4) Indian Sea prote ction force
5) President of India ship

Q31. On 5th July 2011, FM said 2011-2012 Fiscal Deficit target restricted to ......?
1) 4.9
2) 5.1
3) 5.5
4) 3.5
5) 4.6

Q32. To bring the Green Revelution in Eastern part of India (Assom, Bihar, Chattisgarh,Jharkhand, Odisha,Eastern Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal)......... released by the union government?
1) Rs.119.5 cr
2) Rs.1811 cr
3) Rs.77.50 cr
4) Rs. 3119 cr
5) Rs.181 cr

Q33. FDI allowed in the FM radio operations increased from 20 to .......... FM Radio Operations Phase III Allocated 839 new FM radio Channels
1) 26
2) 74
3) 49
4) 50
5) 51

Q34. In the month of June the central government extend the cover of Rastriya Swastya Bhima Yozana (RSBY) to Beedi Workers and ..........?
1) Carpenters
2) Cobblers
3) School Children
4) Domestic Workers
5) All of above.
Syndicate Bank Banking Aptitude and Current Affairs