Central Bank of India - Specialist Officers Examination Question Papers - Agriculture

Q1. Which of the following crops is tolerant of soil on water salinity ?
(A) Date-palm
(B) Cabbage
(C) Orange
(D) Grapes
(E) Peas

Q2. How many minimum tractor hours per year of 40 H.P. power should be used approximately for purely agricultural use and not for custom service unit to become viable unit ?
(A) 500 hrs.
(B) 600 hrs.
(C) 1000 hrs.
(D) 1500 hrs.
(E) 2000 hrs.

Q3. Drip-irrigation has been most successful for……
(A) Rice
(B) Wheat
(C) Berseem
(D) Lucerne
(E) Grape

Q4. The percentage of Nitrogen (N) in DAP is……
(A) 46
(B) 26
(C) 18
(D) 80
(E) 30

Q5. Contract farming consists of……
(A) hiring land by farmers on contract basis for cultivation
(B) supply of agreed quantity of produce to agreed price to the company
(C) company taking on lease basis farmers’ land for cultivation
(D) processing cash crops, vegetables etc. by company and to give back to farmers
(E) providing inputs by company to farmers for improving quality of produce

Q6. Water held in the soil is not available to the plant, if it is held at tension……
(A) 1/3 atmosphere
(B) below 1/3 atmosphere
(C) 1-3 atmosphere
(D) 3-15 atmosphere
(E) above 15 atmosphere

Q7. While starting cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants, first it should be ensured……
(A) cultivation expenses
(B) medicinal value of plants
(C) availability of processing unit
(D) location of the farm
(E) availability of assured profitable market

Q8. West Coast Tall (WCT) is a variety of……
(A) Paddy
(B) Cashew
(C) Coconut
(D) Arecanut
(E) Coco
Q9. The phenomenon of Heterosis has been most commercially exploited first in……
(A) Rice
(B) Wheat
(C) Maize
(D) Sugarcane
(E) Tobacco

Q10. Processed meat and poultry products have good market. However, their export is mainly hampered due to……
(A) processing not as per demand
(B) breeds are not suitable for export
(C) no proper transport conditions
(D) unhygienic conditions of slaughter houses and animal diseases
(E) domestic market is available easily

Q11. Arabica is a type of……
(A) flower
(B) horse
(C) coffee
(D) vegetable
(E) fodder

Q12. Vermicompost is prepared with the help of following……
(A) Bacteria
(B) Earthworms
(C) Ants
(D) Virus
(E) Fungus

Q13. The average carbon / nitrogen ratio of soils is generally……
(A) 25 : 1
(B) 5 : 1
(C) 30 : 1
(D) 14 : 1
(E) None of these

Q14. In case of Drip irrigation which of the following advantage is observed ?
(A) It saves water
(B) Root system of plant remains in upper layer of soil
(C) Plastic tubes are not harmed by rats
(D) Life of drip irrigation is very long
(E) Where there is lot of rainfall, there are no limitation to such system

Q15. If PE denotes monthly average value of potential evapo–transpiration and R stands for monthly average rainfall, the period having PE/4 greater than or equal to R, is designated as……
(A) Moist
(B) Humid
(C) Moderately Dry
(D) Severe Drought
(E) Dry

Q16. The National Agricultural Insurance Scheme in its first two years of operation envisaged to cover……
(A) all crops-grown by small and marginal farmers only
(B) all crops-cultivated with the help of crop loans only irrespective of the size of holding of the borrowers
(C) all food crops-cultivated by all types of farmers
(D) only horticultural crops
(E) only seven commercial crops-grown under contract farming system

Q17. Which one of the following breeds of sheep produces superior carpet wool in India ?
(A) Nellore
(B) Nilgiri
(C) Sonadi
(D) Dorset
(E) Jaisalmeri

Q18. Which one of the following is a European Species of honeybee successfully introduced in India ?
(A) Apis mellifera
(B) Apis florea
(C) Apis dorsata
(D) Apis cerana
(E) Apis melipona

Q19. Which one of the following Indian States/Union Territories accounts for the largest quantity of shrimp production per annum, among all the states of India ?
(A) West Bengal
(B) Andaman and Nicobar Islands
(C) Orissa
(D) Kerala
(E) None of these

Q20. The hybrid of which one of the following crops was evolved by India using modern DNA techniques and released in February 2005 ?
(A) Ricinus communis
(B) Solgum vulgare
(C) Pennisetum typhoides
(D) Arachis hypogaea
(E) India has not released any such hybrid so far

Q21. As per the WTO Uruguay Round Agreement the domestic support creating trade distorting effect on agricultural commodities are included in……
(A) Green Box
(B) Amber Box
(C) Pink Box
(D) Blue Box
(E) None of these

Q22. Which one of the following is the name of the nematode, which lives as internal parasite of buds and foliage of Chrysanthemum and strawberry and causes distortions and crinkling of foliage, and leaf spots ?
(A) Aphelenchoides besseyi
(B) Pratilenchus thornei
(C) Meloidogyne incognita
(D) Aphelenchoides ritzemabosi
(E) None of these

Q23. Which of the following materials do not fit into the list of the raw materials used for feeding the earthworms in the scientific management of Vermiculture ?
(A) Grass Clippings
(B) Curd
(C) Carrot tops
(D) Lettuce leaves
(E) All are useful

Q24. A small dairy farm daily produces 100 kilograms of average quality buffalo milk and sells it to an organised dairy at the rate of Rs. 100 per kilogram of total solids contained in the milk. How much would be the daily gross income of the farm from the sale of milk ?
(A) Between Rs. 2,000 and Rs. 2,200
(B) Between Rs. 1,250 and Rs. 1,400
(C) Between Rs. 700 and Rs. 825
(D) Between Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 1,100
(E) Between Rs. 1,650 and Rs. 1,850

Q25. What would be the most probable date of giving the delivery of one day old chicks by a hatchery farmer, who has put the fertile eggs of hen on his well functioning incubator on First of January ?
(A) February 20
(B) February 5
(C) January 29
(D) January 22
(E) January 15

Q26. Which one of the following crops is sensitive to salt as well as boron in soil and water ?
(A) Grape
(B) Sugar beet
(C) Carrot
(D) Cotton
(E) None of these

Q27. Which one of the following ornamental plants is a native of India and has been introduced into several countries from India ?
(A) Gladiolus
(B) Orchids
(C) Bougainvillea
(D) Marigold
(E) None of these

Q28. How much area could be covered for giving one irrigation of 3″ depth by a pumpset of one cusec output in the operation of 600 hours, if the water conveyance efficiency is 80 per cent ?
(A) 180 acres
(B) 320 acres
(C) 240 acres
(D) 160 acres
(E) None of these

Q29. If in a water tank, the water pressure is 5 kg/cm2, then, pressure head would be :
(A) 50 m
(B) 10 m
(C) 20 m
(D) 5 m
(E) None of these

Q30. Approximately how many eggs does a female silkworm lay in 24 hours after the proper copulation with the male moth in India ?
(A) 200
(B) 1200
(C) 100
(D) 400
(E) None of these

Q31. The causal organism of Ranikhet disease of fowls is……
(A) Pasteurella multocida
(B) Brucella melitensis
(C) Clorstridium chauvoei
(D) Sporoltrix schenkii
(E) None of these

Q32. Which one of the following is the name of self-fruitful variety of Prunus domestica grown in India ?
(A) Virginia Gold
(B) Santa Rosa
(C) Grand Duke
(D) Rome Beauty
(E) None of these

Q33. Other things being suitable, what level of temperature is considered ideal for optimum growth of banana crop ?
(A) 36°C
(B) 18°C
(C) 30°C
(D) 12°C
(E) 27°C

Q34. The deficiency of which one of the following vitamins in the ration of Poultry birds increases the Coagulation time of blood and creates the danger of haemorrhage ?
(A) Vitamin A
(B) Vitamin B1
(C) Vitamin K
(D) Vitamin D
(E) Vitamin B6

Q35. Which one of the following commodities does fall within the scope of the activities of National Horticulture Mission in India ?
(A) Tomato
(B) Arecanut
(C) Cashewnut
(D) Coconut
(E) All above horticultural crops

Q36. Which one of the following is a species of grasses suitable for soil conservation of ravine lands and the land affected by shifting cultivation ?
(A) Pennisetum polystachyon
(B) Cenchurus setigerus
(C) Eulalioposis binata
(D) Lasiurus sindicus
(E) Penicum antidotale

Q37. Which one of the following is the name of a dual purpose Indian cattle breed, which has been exported widely to Latin American countries in the past ?
(A) Gir
(B) Kankrej
(C) Tharparkar
(D) Nagauri
(E) None of these

Q38. Iodine deficiency in the Sow’s ratio during pregnancy would be reflected through the symptom of……
(A) Lactation failure
(B) Poor reproduction
(C) Birth of dead or weak piglets
(D) Birth of hairless piglets
(E) Birth of blind piglets

Q39. Which one of the following states has the largest area under Forest cover among all the states given in the list ?
(A) Andhra Pradesh
(B) Assam
(C) Himachal Pradesh
(D) Mizoram
(E) Rajasthan

Q40. In the literature on the development of GMO crops, which one of the following crops is among those crops that have been designated as Orphan Crops ?
(A) Soybean
(B) Corn
(C) Cowpea
(D) Canola
(E) None of these

Q41. Which one of the following would be the probable date of kidding for a she-goat that has been successfully serviced on First of March ? (All dates belong to the same year)
(A) June 12
(B) July 29
(C) August 28
(D) September 15
(E) May 30

Q42. In India, which one of the following should be considered the right combination of the age in days and live body weight in kg for a lamb for its weaning ?
(A) 20 days to 30 days and 6 kg to 7 kg
(B) 45 days to 60 days and 8 kg to 10 kg
(C) 105 days to 120 days and 18 kg to 21 kg
(D) 75 days to 90 days and 12 kg to 15 kg
(E) 55 days to 70 days and 9 kg to 11 kg

Q43. What is the causal organism of Powdery mildew of Ricinus communis ?
(A) Sphacelotheca reiliana
(B) Claviceps microcephala
(C) Leveillula taurica
(D) Puccinia carthami
(E) Fusarium annuum

Q44. Which one of the following countries has been the largest importer of floriculture products; especially rose and lotus flowers in terms of value from India over last five years among all the countries given in the list ?
(A) Japan
(B) Italy
(C) Netherlands

Q45. As a good management practice recommended for the growing cattle in India, what should be the daily requirement of TDN for a cattle of 200 kg live body weight ?
(A) 3•2 kg
(B) 1•8 kg
(C) 2•4 kg
(D) 4•0 kg
(E) 0•9 kg

Q46. Milk fever in cattle is caused due to the deficiency of :
(A) Ca
(B) Fe
(C) Vit. ‘D’
(D) N
(E) None of these

Q47. The cake of which one of the following materials prepared with the comparable processing technology, contains the largest percentage of ‘N’ plant nutrient among all the materials given in the list ?
(A) Coconut
(B) Neem
(C) Palm nut
(D) Mahua
(E) Karanj

Q48. In respect of total foodgrains production during 2007-08 in India, which is correct in production (million tonnes) ?
(A) 230•67
(B) 207•00
(C) 217•85
(D) 200•00
(E) None of these

Q49. Which one of the following feeding material is usually relished by the goats in India ?
(A) Hay prepared from forest grasses
(B) Straw of Sorghum vulgare
(C) Silage of Sorghum vulgare
(D) Straw of Phaseolus aureus
(E) None of these

Q50. During last five years, which of the following Institutions have extended the largest amount of fresh credit for agriculture in India among all the institutions given in the list ?
(A) NABARD (Direct credit)
(B) Commercial Banks
(C) Cooperative Banks
(D) Primary Agricultural Credit Societies
(E) Regional Rural Banks and Local Area Banks
Central Bank of India - Specialist Officers Examination Question Papers - Agriculture