Banking Awareness Question for Bank P.O - Banking GK

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Banking Awareness Question
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01. Persons resident in India are not permitted to trade in _____ currency futures contracts in recognized stock exchanges.
a) US Dollar – Indian Rupee
b) Euro-INR
c) Pound Sterling – INR
d) None of these

02. What is the reason for allowing currency futures on recognized stock exchanges?
a) to provide hedging opportunities to residents.
b) to facilitate efficient price delivery, wider participation, reduction in transaction cost
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these

03. Which of the following is not correct regarding Currency Futures in India?
a) Size of each contract will be USD 1000 for USD-INR contracts
b) The contract shall be quoted and settled in Indian Rupees
c) Maturity of the contracts shall not exceed 6 months
d) Settlement price for USD-INR and Euro –INR contracts shall be Reserve Bank’s Reference Rates
e) None of these

04. The maturity period of the contracts relating to currency futures in India shall not exceed____months.
a) 3
b) 6
c) 9
d) 12
e) None

05. For which of the following types of contracts settlement price shall the exchange rate published by RBI on last trading day?
b) Euro-INR
d) None

06. Who may purchase or sell currency futures to hedge an exposure to foreign exchange rate risk or otherwise?
a) Persons resident in India
b) Indian Citizens
c) Non Resident Indians
d) All of these
e) Only (a) & (c)

07. What is the approximate share of public sector banks in the total deposits of banks as on 30th Sept 09?
a) 74%
b) 76%
c) 78%
d) 80%

08. Which of the following conditions is not required to be satisfied by banks for becoming trading members of the currency futures market of the recognized stock exchanges?
a) Minimum net worth of Rs 500 crores
b) Minimum CRAR of 10 per cent
c) Net NPA should not exceed 3 per cent.
d) Net profit for last 3 years
e) None of these

09. Which bank group has least share in bank deposits and bank credit in India?
a) Regional Rural Banks
b) Foreign Banks
c) Private sector banks
d) None of these

10. Which state had the highest CD ratio at the end of Sept 09?
a) Tamilnadu
b) Maharashtra
c) Delhi
d) Gujrat