Bank Computer Awareness P.O and Clerical Recruitment

Q1. Compiler is the
(a) name given to the computer operator
(b) part of the digital machine to store the information
(c) translator of source program to object
(d) part of arithmetic logic unit
(e) operator of Boolean Algebra

Q2. Main memory is
(a) Random Access Memory
(b) Read only Memory
(c) Serial Access Memory
(d) None of these

Q3. Which of the following is the smallest and fastest computer imitating brain working?
(a) Supercomputer
(b) Quantum Computer
(c) Param-10,000
(d) IBM chips

Q4. A compact disc (CD) is a data storage of the type
(a) Magnetic
(b) Optical
(c) Electrical
(d) Electromechanical

Q5. Which of the following is not as language for computer programming?

Q6. What are the two basic types of memory that your computer uses?
a) RAM
(b) RW/RAM
(c) ROM
(d) ERAM

Q7. The term gigabyte refers to
(a) 1024 bytes
(b) 1024 kilobytes
(c) 1024 megabytes
(d) 1024 gigabytes

Q8. A computer with CPU speed around 100 million instructions per second & with the word length of around 64 bits is known as
(a) Super computer
(b) Mini computer
(c) Micro computer
(d) Micro computer

Q9. What digits are representative of all binary numbers?
(a) 0
(b) 1
(c) Both (a ) and (b)
(d) 3

Q10. To locate a data items for storage is
(a) Field
(b) Feed
(c) Database
(d) Fetch

Q11. Off-line operation is the operation of devices without the control of
(a) Memory
(b) CPU
(c) ALU
(d) Control unit

Q12. A type of line printer that uses an embossed steel band to form the letters printed on the paper is
(a) Golf ball printer
(b) Dot-matrix printer
(c) Laser printer
(d) Band printer

Q13. A software used to convert source program instructions to object instruction is known as
(a) Compiler
(b) Assembler
(c) Interpreter
(d) Language processor

Q14. The 'IC' chip, used in computers, is made of
(a) Chromium
(b) Iron oxide
(c) Silica
(d) Silicon

Q16. The size of commonly used Floppy disk is
(a) 4.5”
(b) 3.5”
(c) 3.25”
(d) 5.5”

Q17. Which of the following statement is wrong
(a) Windows XP is an operating system
(b) Linux is owned and sold by Microsoft
(c) Photoshop is a graphical design tool by Adobe
(d) Linux is free and open source software

Q18. Operating system of a computer
(a) Enables the programmer to draw a flow chart
(b) Links a program with subroutine with references
(c) Provides a layer, user friendly interface
(d) None of the above

Q19. The term ‘Operating System’ means
(a) A set of programs which control computer working
(b) The way a user operates the computer system
(c) Conversion of high level language to machine language
(d) The way computer operator works

Q20. Wild card operators specifies
(a) can be used when writing into multiple files
(b) allows several files to be read simultaneously
(c) Provide an easy way of groups of related files
(d) Are only used when printing the contents of a file

Q21.Which one of the following is not a broadband communication medium
(a) Microwave
(b) Fibre optic cable
(c) Twisted pair
(d) Coaxial cable

Q22.Which of the following performs modulation and demodulation
(a) Coaxial cable
(b) Satellite
(c) Modem
(d) Optical fibre

Q23. Which one of the following is not an application software package
(a) Redhat Linux
(b) Microsoft Office
(c) Adobe PageMaker
(d) Open Office

Q24. The 0 and 1 in the binary numbering system are called binary digits or .......
(a) bytes
(b) kilobytes
(c) decimal bytes
(d) bits

Q25. A monitor's ...... is the distance between the holes in the mask behind the screen. This helps determine how sharp the dots appear.
(a) refresh rate
(b) dot pitch
(c) resolution
(d) colour depth

Q26. A directly accessible appointment calendar is a feature of a ....... resident package.
(a) CPU
(b) memory
(c) Buffer
(d) ALU

Q27. Perforated paper used as input or output media is known as
(a) Paper tape
(b) Magnetic tape
(c) Punched paper tape
(d) Card punch

Q28. The invention of the slide rule is attributed to
(a) Babbage
(b) Oughtred
(c) Pascal
(d) Napier

Q29. Which of the following is not an advantage of magnetic disk storage.
(a) The access time of magnetic disk is much less than that of magnetic tape
(b) Disk storage is longer lasting than magnetic tape
(c) Disk storage is less expensive than tape storage
(d) All of the above

Q30. The memory sizes in mainframe computers and advanced technology micro computer are expressed as
(a) Bytes
(b) Kilo-bytes
(c) Bits
(d) Megabytes

Q31. A prefix for billion which is equal to .... is called as billi.
(a) 100
(b) 10000
(c) 1000
(d) 10

Q32. Each model of a computer has a unique
(a) Assembly language
(b) Machine language
(c) High level language
(d) All of the above

Q33. One kilobyte = ____ byte.
(a) 1250
(b) 2088
(c) 1024
(d) 1000

Q34. Which of the following circuit is used as a 'Memory device' in computers?
(a) Rectifier
(b) Flip-Flop
(c) Comparator
(d) Attenuator

Q35. First layer in the OSI reference model is
(a) Data link
(b) Network
(c) Physical
(d) Application

Q36. Viruses, Trojan horses and Worms are
(a) able to harm computer system
(b) unable to detect if affected on computer
(c) user-friendly applications
(d) harmless applications resident on computer

Q37. Program threats are
(a) Trap doors
(b) Trojan horse
(c) Both (a) & (b)
(d) All of the above

Q38. Failure of passwords security due to exposure can result from
(a) Electronic monitoring
(b) Visual
(c) Both (a) & (b)
(d) All of the above

Q39. Data security threats include
(a) Hardware failure
(b) Privacy invasion
(c) Fraudulent manipulation of data
(d) All of the above

Q40. Graphical pictures that represent an object like file, folder etc. are
(a) Task bar
(b) Windows
(c) Desktop
(d) Icons

Q41. Who invented the super-computer?
(a) P.T Farnsworth
(b) J.R Whinfield
(c) J.H. Van Tassell
(d) Charles Ginsberg

Q42. Accessing records from a file directly without searching from the beginning of the file is
(a) Time sharing
(b) Random
(c) Direct access
(d) Access time
(e) None of the above

Q43. Time during which a job is processed by the computer is
(a) Delay time
(b) Real time
(c) Execution time
(d) Down time

Q44. A keyboard is this kind of device—
(A) black
(B) input
(C) output
(D) word Processing
(E) None of these

Q45. IT stands for—
(A) information Technology
(B) integrated Technology
(C) intelligent Technology
(D) interesting Technology
(E) None of these

Q46. Which of the following refers to the fastest, biggest and most expensive computers ?
(A) Personal Computers
(B) Supercomputers
(C) Laptops
(D) Notebooks
(E) None of these

Q47. A collection of related information sorted and dealt with as a unit is a—
(A) disk
(B) data
(C) file
(D) floppy
(E) None of these

Q48. The process of a computer receiving information from a server on the Internet is known as—
(A) pulling
(B) pushing
(C) downloading
(D) transferring
(E) None of these

Q49. Which part of the computer helps to store information ?
(A) Disk drive
(B) Keyboard
(C) Monitor
(D) Printer
(E) None of these

Q50. ………………is the process of carrying out commands.
(A) Fetching
(B) Storing
(C) Executing
(D) Decoding
(E) None of these

Q51. The role of a………generally is to determine a buyer’s needs and match it to the correct hardware and software.
(A) computer Scientist
(B) computer sales representative
(C) computer consultant
(D) corporate trainer
(E) None of these

Q52. Which of the following groups consist of only output devices ?
(A) Scanner, Printer, Monitor
(B) Keyboard, Printer, Monitor
(C) Mouse, Printer, Monitor
(D) Plotter, Printer, Monitor
(E) None of these

Q53. The rectangular area of the screen that displays a program, data, and/or information is a—
(A) title bar
(B) button
(C) dialog box
(D) window
(E) None of these

Q54. A(n)………contains commands that can be selected.
(A) pointer
(B) menu
(C) icon
(D) button
(E) None of these

Q55. An error is also known as—
(A) bug
(B) debug
(C) cursor
(D) icon
(E) None of these

G56. Arithmetic Operations—
(A) involve matching one data item to another to determine if the first item is greater than, equal to, or less than the other item
(B) sort data items according to standard, predefined criteria in ascending order or descending order
(C) use conditions with operators such as AND, OR and NOT
(D) include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
(E) None of these

Q57. Sending an e-mail is similar to—
(A) picturing an event
(B) narrating a story
(C) writing a letter
(D) creating a drawing
(E) None of these

Q58. Microsoft Word is an example of—
(A) an operating system
(B) a processing device
(C) application software
(D) an input device
(E) None of these