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May 10, 2013

Aptitude Test Question

Q2. The ratio of the income of A and B is 7:3. The ratio of their expenditure is 6:5. Each of them aptitude test question saves Rs. 1750. The ratio of their income to the total expenditure is: (a) 2:4 (b) 4:5 (c) 5:22 (d) 22:5 Q3. A man found that his overall expenses vary directly with the square of his income. Last year, he earned Rs. 390, but could save only 35% of that amount after paying his expenses. This year after paying the expenses, he found that his savings were zero. How much did he earn this year? (a) Rs. 600 (b) Rs. 700 (c) Rs. 598 (d) Rs. 8767
Practice Exercise - 244 [ Aptitude Questions ]
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